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PanTerra Networks is the First to Combine Real-Time UC and Content Management Analytics

December 18, 2014

In today’s business environment companies have to use the vast amount of data they aggregate from many different sources in real-time in order to stay competitive. Any lag in how this information is used can give the competition a clear advantage, which can result in losing market shares. The introduction of big data analytics now makes it possible for organizations of any size to use information more effectively, and that is what PanTerra Networks has done with the announcement of the industry’s first real-time business analytics capabilities for Unified Communications (UC) and content management to improve user productivity for the midmarket.

The UC solutions available in the marketplace allows organizations to integrate all of their communication needs under one umbrella, which presents opportunities to use the information they gather more effectively. According to PanTerra, the unified business analytics framework will reduce IT service costs, lower IT management load while improving user productivity across the board.

With this system in place, organizations will be able to monitor, react to and fine-tune business processes in real-time so they can always adjust to market conditions as they happen. Evaluating the data that an organization collects from today’s dynamic business environment which includes contact centers, sales team, support groups, social media and other sources requires an analytics platform capable of understanding the importance of these business processes and how they can be used more effectively.

This solution delivers analytics for organizations so they can gain real insight into how the business is operating on any user, group, call queue or file with detailed reporting and tailored notifications to improve productivity for managers and supervisors. All of these analytics features are being offered from anywhere on any device through the company’s mobile Unified Live Monitor (ULM) application, also a first. Full analytics features can now be accessed on both iOS and Android devices from the cloud.

This type of remote access gives administrators the ability to set up a wide range of notification options to keep track of company performance. Using the ULM app, they can receive any report through email and IM in real-time from PanTerra’s analytics offering consisting of more than 100 communications and content analytic metrics that managers can monitor, measure and report on within a single unified analytics framework.

“To continue to be competitive and stay ahead of changing business dynamics, it's critical for businesses to monitor, measure and report on all their key performance metrics on any device from a single platform.  Our Unified Business Analytics combines UC and content management analytics to create a complete end-to-end solution for businesses that want to drive more revenue while optimizing productivity and efficiencies in real-time,” said Arthur Chang, CEO of PanTerra Networks.

Not too long ago this type of detailed information was only available to large organizations with the resources to hire the manpower required to crunch the data. With new innovations in ICT, almost any size organization can now access the same capability at affordable price points that make the ROI worthwhile. The new PanTerra Networks analytics solution allows companies to dive deeper into specific segments of their business and find solutions to previously inaccessible areas.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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