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GENBAND: A Look Back at 2014

December 18, 2014

Innovation, change, advancement – these are words we typically hear when discussing technological developments in industries across the board. As 2014 quickly comes to an end, there is no better way to describe the year than with these words.

New technologies emerged, traditional communications methods advanced by leaps and bounds, and companies were in a buying frenzy acquiring and consolidating across the map.

One industry in particular, real-time communications, saw its tree bear fruit this year as increased recognition, new offerings and industry adoption occurred.

Industry giant Microsoft hopped on the bandwagon with Google and others and said it was supporting ORTC (Object Real-Time Communications) API for WebRTC -- extending the capabilities of real-time communications to IE users.

GENBAND introduced Kandy, a real time communications software development platform, making it easy for developers to create offerings that quickly integrate communications into existing applications and business processes. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

To hear more about the advancements that happened over the last year and what kind of new advancements are on the horizon for 2015, I recently caught up with Brad Bush, CMO and EVP at GENBAND.

The company had a number of new releases and partnership announcements this last year. Commenting on some of the more defining announcements, Bush said the launch of Generation Enterprise was the first really big announcement in 2014 for GENBAND and has been really successful. Especially around the Nortel evolution, the company is able to offer a go-to-market model and distribution channels that help keep past investments protected while, at the same time, allowing companies to invest in the future. 

GENBAND is also putting its focus in the NFV space. “Our NFV architecture is very exciting and a very modern and wholesome take on NFV,” Bush said. “Many of our competitors are only offering virtual software and calling it NFV, but GENBAND is offering a full-scale adoption of NFV with true elastic scalability and virtual machines, and offering a way to incorporate platforms across the industry.”

Already this year, the company has announced different partnerships with leading companies in the market including  Alcatel-Lucent, HP and Intel

“It was a great year – we’ve grown in lots of areas like UC, session border controllers, communication infrastructure, we’ve won lots of awards and we feel like we were on the right track and at the cusp of something special in an industry and market that is changing almost daily.

Finally, and perhaps the biggest move in the real time communications space, was the introduction of Kandy.

“Kandy is a very innovative step for GENBAND, moving us further away from hardware and putting communications in the hands of the people that need to make business moments into something more human.”

“That human communication with Kandy, and being able to embed Kandy in apps, has been very well received. Everyone is very excited about it.”

What really sets the offering apart, Bush said, is having it build on GENBANDs foundation of carrier grade software. “This is something we feel is very special.”

Building on the decades of research is one of the key differentiators with Kandy.  It has changed the way GENBAND feels about itself and the way the market feels about GENBAND.

What’s planned for 2015? Bush was hesitant to spill too many of the details but he did say we will continue to see more new releases on Kandy as investments in new and innovative products continues, and there’s more NFV focus across products. The Perspectives 15 event happening in May and Mobile World Congress and Enterprise Connect participation will also be key in showing off what GENBAND and Kandy are doing.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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