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GENBAND Helps Carriers Walk the OTT Walk with fring, Kandy

December 23, 2014

The industry has been talking for years about how facilities-based service providers like the major telcos can best position themselves to survive and thrive in the increasingly over-the-top world. Many in the industry are still just talking.

GENBAND, meanwhile, has created a clear strategy and introduced a set of solutions – including fring and Kandy – that enable traditional service providers to quickly and affordably get into the OTT game today.

It’s been more than a year since GENBAND purchased fring, which set the company and its carrier customers on a course to introduce new real-time communications solutions. An over-the-top offering now available to service providers as a white-label solution, fring enables end users to talk, text, and videoconference via peer-to-peer communications over the Internet for a small fee and without using a new phone number.

More than 55 million subscribers use fring today, which in addition to being offered to service providers as a white-label solution is available direct to consumers. That helps GENBAND retain the strong fring brand and to stay in touch with how end users are employing it. GENBAND just renewed their commitment to the fring product and team by opening a new development center of excellence facility in Tel Aviv.

Created from the ground up as a mobile solution, fring was built with battery consumption, bandwidth optimization, client footprint, and other wireless requirements in mind.

More than that, however, fring is a subset of Kandy, and is managed using Kandy, which is GENBAND’s Platform as a Service. Kandy allows service providers to expose their network resources using APIs, Quick Starts, and SDKs so developers can more easily leverage them to bring real-time communications to their mobile and web applications. This ease of implementation allows service providers to implement new service offerings in weeks and not months.

“Fring is leading the development and operation of real-time communications in the cloud,” notes Roy Timor Rousso, founder and general manager of KANDY fring. “In essence, fring is the tip of the spear.”

The same team that created fring also developed Kandy. Those solutions – paired with GENBAND’s significant developer, ecosystem, engineering, financial, product, and research assets and relationships – make for a portfolio that service providers will not be able to find elsewhere, he says.

Some carriers have set out to address the OTT trend by themselves, Timor Rousso says. Others have indicated they have accepted the fact they will be bit pipe providers in an app-centric world. But carriers need to adopt OTT solutions, he says, and APIs and new technologies like WebRTC can enable them to do that. At the same time, these service providers can leverage their expertise in networking and delivering real-time communications, Timor Rousso adds. And GENBAND can help them get there quickly, painlessly, and using a pay-as-you-grow model. 


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