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GENBAND Shows Off WebRTC Prowess

December 30, 2014

The recent WebRTC Conference & Expo V in San Jose included opportunities to discuss and network around developments in the field, and of course, an array of product demonstrations. GENBAND proved no different here, and brought some exciting new demonstration tools to the big event.

Back when Nortel shut down, GENBAND came in and bought not only much of its intellectual property, but also much of its carrier assets. That paved the way for GENBAND to add Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) to its roster of services, and to that end, GENBAND showed off a couple of new tools. The demonstration had GENBAND turning to a set of tools—a Chromebook, a Samsung Gear watch, and a Plantronics headset, specifically—to carry out said demonstration, and the result was astonishing.

First, the demonstration showed off one of the simplest applications of WebRTC around: the call-me button. With a call-me button, it becomes possible to insert a small button into websites or e-mail or the like that allows the user so simply press the button and engage a WebRTC call with the party who sent the message with the call-me button out. So when GENBAND showed it off, receiving the message allowed the user to just click the button and be fairly instantly connected in a two-way voice call with video options. Though the button required just a little information from the user to get started, it was a connection made in a matter of seconds. We have video of this demonstration, as well as a variety of other topics, available out at this link.

Beyond that, GENBAND also showed off how the system can work with Salesforce, making it a powerful tool on the sales floor. GENBAND actually opens up the floor with the Salesforce tools, essentially giving the product away to allow everyone to see just how useful a tool this can be, and get a better grasp of what GENBAND can do at the enterprise level. There's a charge for it during use, however, but at a penny a minute according to the demonstration, it's a charge that most businesses can readily afford.

With the growth of a mobile workforce becoming clearer with every day, being able to get in touch on several different devices will be particularly useful; no longer does a sales rep need to be tied to an office phone, with potential customers able to call in on a laptop, a smartphone, or even a smartwatch. GENBAND, meanwhile, will likely prove to be a substantial part of this operation, offering up a host of new tools and means to carry out this new breed of connected contact with its WebRTC offerings.

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