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Transformation will Abound in 2015

January 08, 2015

The pace of change is exponential, but 2015 should really show the truth of this idea—especially when it comes to network transformation.

First, in 2015 there will be transformation in the core. In 2014 network functions virtualization and software-defined networking took hold, and in 2015 the fruits of this virtualization in the core will start to emerge through new ways to control networks.

The edge will transform. To keep subscribers happy, networks and the real time communications industry will place greater emphasis on the edge of the network to deliver on quality of service expectations.

Applications will transform as real-time and embedded communications become the norm.

“Real Time Communications applications, like fring, are making ‘phone calls’ and ‘conference bridges’ feel like yesterday’s newspaper,” noted David Walsh, president and CEO of GENBAND, in a recent blog post. “Prepare for multi-dimensional applications (3D) and applications in wearables, including in the workplace.”

Devices will transform, as the Internet-of-Things and wearable technology make us connected to each other and machines nearly every moment of our lives.

“The Internet of everything has become the basis for many of our interactions with machines,” noted Brad Bush, CMO of Genband, in a recent article. “One cannot ignore that connected, large networks are valuable in the new world.”

The experience will change in 2015. Some researchers now say we check our phones 150 ties a day, and Facebook at least 14 times per day.

“As our experience of being human changes, so will innovation by the next generation of developers,” noted Walsh. “Don’t discount predictions that we will in fact be able to ‘see’ each other in 3D in real time in the next few years.”

And communications will transform as standards start to emerge for real-time communications. WebRTC and the ability to embed communications in any app will emerge as the standard and make communications among people and devices much easier.

If you thought the world was changing fast, get ready for 2015. It is going to be a wild ride.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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