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Real Time Communications Week in Review: 3CX, AVST, SageNet

January 10, 2015

With the holidays now a fond memory, the first full working week of the year proved to be a week thick with news in the field of real time communications. A week full of work and news may have left us a little turned around on just what will prove useful and valuable to our current operations, but don't despair; that's just what the weekend is for. Now that we've got one at hand, it's a great time to take that step back and look at the wider view, which we'll do now with our Week in Review coverage!

First, word came out of MSP SageNet, as the company cleared Fortinet's certification and training programs to become a Fortinet Managed Security Service Partner, complete with Platinum Status. That certification means that not only has SageNet cleared some stringent requirements, but now has extra qualification for its firewall solutions and services in both cloud and premise-based versions. The company also recently established several new partnerships that should augment its presence in the field.

Next, we had a look at Applied Voice & Speech Technologies (AVST), whose CX-E system recently garnered interoperability certification with the GENBAND CS2100 product line. The certification assures users that anyone running the CS2100 will be able to bring in AVST's CX-E system without incident, and gives AVST a newfound gravitas in the field of unified communications (UC). The CX-E system boasts a variety of tools on hand ranging from interactive voice response (IVR) to the Atom personal assistant tool and beyond.

3CX came out with a major prediction to take into the new year with us: specifically, that 2015 was going to be the end of hype when it came to Web-based real time communications (WebRTC). While 2014 did bring out plenty of developments in the field, many of those developments didn't translate readily into useful tools that businesses could put to work right away. However, 3CX looks for that to change, among several other things, in 2015, with tools ready for action out of the box.

Then, we had a look at the idea of network transformation in 2015, and in just what form that transformation would arrive. Transformation was set to hit the network at several points, ranging from the core—where network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined network (SDN) had already taken some hold, but would likely expand in 2015—to the edge, where particular focus would be paid to make sure the user was happy in the end. Real time communications, meanwhile, would become the norm.

Finally, we had a look at WebRTC for enterprise, and how it was getting steadily better. At AT&T's recent developer summit, it offered up support for WebRTC, and that was merely the beginning of a slate of developments that would contribute to, ultimately, making 3CX's predictions of a hype-free year come about. While even just six months ago, many of the brass tacks of WebRTC—signaling, codecs and the like—were still up in the air, the rise of major developer support has served to put many of those issues to rest.

That was the week that was in real time communications, and clearly there was a lot going on. 3CX banished hype with the new year's arrival, new certifications were had, and the industry continued to shift with new products and new possibilities. Our global online community was right in the thick of it all, so be sure to join us back next week for all the latest, and every weekend for our Week in Review coverage!

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