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Sequans and Ecrio Partner for Integrated VoLTE Solution

January 19, 2015

Sequans Communications, a 4G chipmaker and global provider of single-mode LTE chipset solutions, and Ecrio, Inc., a provider of 4G LTE real time communications client solutions for the mobile industry, recently announced the two companies have developed a joint solution integrating Ecrio's FlexIMS Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and SMS over IMS client software with Sequans' LTE chipset platform. The integrated VoLTE solution aims to bring support for this relatively new communications technology to the full gamut of connected devices our modern society craves.

Thanks to Ecrio's patented FlexIMS technology, the turnkey solution enables implementation of support for VoLTE on an unprecedented variety of devices including phones, tablets, customer-premises equipment (CPEs), gateways and Machine to Machine/Internet of Things (M2M/IoT) devices. As a result, Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs) and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are able to shorten time to market.

The joint solution was developed in response to growing demand for VoLTE support on a wide range of devices, other than just phones, as well as the significance of VoLTE as a capability for the single-mode LTE market. As a result, Sequans' entire chipset portfolio is designed to support VoLTE and all of the company's LTE platforms are fully compatible with the new solution.

Georges Karam, CEO of Sequans, commented on the project's success, saying, "Our long-term collaboration with Ecrio, which has involved work on several product types over the course of many months, has yielded a best-in-class solution for the design of any VoLTE-enabled device."

The solution maintains full compliance with the OEM and operator requirements of any VoLTE-enabled device and naturally includes support for mandatory legacy capabilities such as Fax/Modem, E911 and TTY. Sequans' optimized on-chip CODECs for HD voice ensures high performance with relatively low power consumption and a long battery life.

"We are proud of the potential span of VoLTE-enablement of devices with our FlexIMS technology and happy to join Sequans in announcing this significant milestone," said Michel Gannage, Ecrio’s CEO. "Ecrio is fully committed to supporting Sequans in OEM and ODM product integrations and forging ahead with advanced services deployments."

Implementation of Sequans' and Ecrio's joint solution has successfully been demonstrated on an unnamed customer platform, proving its high-performance interoperability in a real-world setting. The project is part of an ongoing product development initiative with a key device OEM, which we will surely see more of in the future.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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