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TigerText Enables Real-Time Communications for Hospice Provider

January 27, 2015

The introduction of text messaging opened up a whole new whole of real-time communications. Did any heavy user really know at the time where the industry would lead and the potential for this channel? The average teen was given a whole new way to connect outside of their immediate world, but it was truly just the beginning.

Now, the enterprise can leverage text to stay connected with prospects and customers, capture information and deliver a higher level of satisfaction. When the enterprise needs to distribute important information across a wide base, doing so in real-time, delivers significant value. It’s also created opportunity for vendors willing to bring enterprise grade solutions that not only enable real-time connections, but also embrace mobility.

TigerText is reaping the benefits of this new demand and delivering what companies need to stay connected. The provider of secure, real-time mobile messaging for the enterprise recently announced an end-of-life care provider in Arizona will now use TigerText as its secure messaging provider. The Casa de la Luz Hospice plans to use TigerText to not only streamline internal communications, but also to send patients lab results and updates, and coordinate care with staff in the field.

This partnership is a true example of how text messaging is delivering measurable value to the enterprise. The hospice sends almost 32,000 messages each month with TigerText. More than 150 nurses and physicians use the app to send Protected Health Information through the secure platform. Plus, administration can easily distribute company information and avoid the corporate challenges of inbox clutter and stacked up voicemails.

“Our nurses and caretakers work in-the-field and make at-home visits,” said Isaiah Adams, Director, MIS at Casa de la Luz Hospice, in a press release. “We needed a reliable, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant way to communicate patient statuses and updates with these individuals, while also improving overall response times. TigerText delivered, enabling more efficient communication and care coordination among our entire staff. The solution fits effortlessly into our workflows, making our day-to-day operations run more smoothly.”

The demand behind secure texting solutions for the enterprise is driven primarily by the need for efficiency. With so much information to manage and distribute on a daily basis, sending it via text messaging offers a powerful channel that is immediate and secure. To maintain a competitive advantage that ensures continued growth, real-time communications is a must. The next step is leveraging messages received from the client base and responding immediately. It won’t be long before the consumer base will accept anything less.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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