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If WebRTC is Invisible, Can We Truly Gauge Success?

January 28, 2015

WebRTC and the use of real time communications, is taking over industries near and far for the technology’s ability to maximize and expand capabilities never before possible. Everything from distance learning, to telemedicine and better enterprise collaboration are key driving forces.

But industry insiders are all offering a different take on adoption rates. While some think we are just where we need to be with the technology right now, other are saying we’re still very far behind and have some catching up to do – and still, others think we’re already ahead of the curve.

Chris Vitek WebRTC evangelist at GENBAND caught up with Erik Linask at WebRTC V in San Jose back in November to chat about where we are in the adoption of WebRTC and his thoughts on where the market is headed.

For Vitek, the market is strong, but most seem to be unaware of their use of the technology because it’s so transparent – so adoption numbers might not be as easy to gauge.

For example, the Comcast X1 platform is all WebRTC, even if people aren’t looking at it in that aspect.

It’s one of those, “invisible things” Vitek said. And that’s really a testament for how good a technology is.

Where the tricky part comes in for some, is building the use cases and hype around something that is ‘invisible.’

At GENBAND, Vitek said the company is promoting the assets they already have – including past technology and solution acquisitions and their Kandy offering to push things like OTT applications.

With Kandy, it’s possible to still integrate with legacy solutions, while taking advantage of some of the newer flavors in communications technology. In this way, companies are ready for the present and prepared for the future as legacy investments become less relevant.

To hear more about how carriers can take advantage of WebRTC with Kandy and how monetization is possible, check out the video interview below. 

GENBAND’s Director of Enterprise Marketing Programs, Ashish Jain, will take part in a panel discussion Thurs. at 2:30 p.m. at ITEXPO in Miami titled, “Making WebRTC Work: From Theory to Practice,” along with others in the industry to discuss the realities of WebRTC, where it stands today, and how it can benefit businesses.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle

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