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Polycom Announces Video Conferencing Enhancements

January 28, 2015

Polycom has announced some new tools to make video conferencing more engaging for participants.

“Polycom is focused on leading our customers’ success by creating solutions to help them build a collaborative experience that is both natural and easy to use,” Peter Leav, Polycom president and CEO, said. “The innovations we unveiled today are a direct reflection of that commitment and our vision to unleash the power of human collaboration. With the right combination of technology, people and processes, organizations can improve productivity, boost innovation and hone their competitive edge.”

Its EagleEye Producer is a camera peripheral that uses facial recognition technology to frame the participant’s faces for the best view. It automatically readjusts as people leave and enter a room. EagleEye integrates with Polycom’s RealPresence Group Series and RealPresence Resource Manager to offer detailed analytics of conferences, including start times, end times and number of participants.

RealPresence is certified for use with Microsoft Lync 2013. Since Lync is already widely deployed, RealPresence can benefit from the existing Lync user base. Developers can also extend its capabilities with an API. The API can be useful for deploying custom apps within an enterprise.

Polycom Noiseblock attempts to eliminate distracting noises from conferences such as paper shuffling and typing, letting conference participants concentrate at the task at hand. Polycom Acoustic Bubble also offers mobile users the ability to mask noises from their environment, which is a welcome addition for anyone who’s tried to hold an important conversation in a noisy environment.

Video conferencing has gone from a science fiction novelty to a mainstream business communication tool, as companies are looking to cut down on travel costs. Businesses can set up conferences much more easily that traveling to remote offices. With tools to make video conferencing easier and more like face-to-face conversations, more businesses will make use of it.

TMC’s INTERNET TELEPHONY has given Polycom a Product of the Year award for its CX5500 Unified Conference Station.

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