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Vocera Communications Celebrates 15 years of Product Development

February 19, 2015

Vocera Communications, a developer of software and hardware that supports communication within the healthcare, hospitality, and nuclear industries, recently announced that this week it will be celebrating its 15-year anniversary.

The communications company has served a number of industries with tools such as its Vocera Communications System that can link together smart mobile devices and its own Vocera Badge – a wearable, voice-controlled communicator that provides a simple link between individuals such as surgeons, hotel staff, or security personnel in places where they cannot use their hands. As the 15-year mark arrives, Vocera has grown its business and now works with more than 1,200 organizations in many markets.

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Brent Lang, the president and CEO of Vocera, commented specifically on his company's efforts in the healthcare industry and how Vocera employees take pride in their jobs because they know they are making a difference.

“Our employees come to work each day motivated by the knowledge that the work we do and the products we deliver are helping to save lives and improve the patient experience in hospitals around the world,” Lang said.

“Since the beginning, we have strived to do things the right way: treat people with respect, lead with passion, embrace innovation, think customer first, and drive for results,” he continued. “I'm excited about the long, successful life we have ahead of us filled with plenty of growth and development left to accomplish.”

The latest in the line of products from Vocera is its Secure Texting tool, which provides a cloud-based platform for healthcare employees to stay connected while also respecting the demands of privacy laws such as HIPAA. Vocera also offers its Collaboration Suite which was launched just last year and showcased at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. The suite provides HIPPA-compliant voice and texting features that work with more than 50 clinical systems. Lang commented that Vocera was inspired by devices on Star Trek; its base in science fiction, however, has not stopped its products from becoming a reality.

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