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Vodafone Fiji Now Supports GENBAND EXPERiUS Application Server

February 27, 2015

Real-time communication software developer GENBAND recently announced that Vodafone Fiji, a division of the British telecom, has launched the GENBAND EXPERiUS Application Server which works across several communications infrastructures to bring a cost-effective platform to businesses in need of mobile and landline unification.

EXPERiUS works with SIP trunking and hosted PBX set-ups and is specifically made to operate in tandem with GENBAND media gateways and QUANTiX session border controllers. For Vodafone, this product launch allows the telecom to offers its enterprise customers a chance to get away from their traditional PBX setups and switch to either an IP-based or hosted PBX calling platform. What this means for those migrating enterprise companies is that their employees can have a single service number associated across their multiple workplace devices. Whether they are on mobile or at their desks, they can be reached at the same contact point and can share in the unified communications capabilities which come as part of EXPERiUS itself.

It is Andrew Kumar, the chief technology officer of Vodafone Fiji, who offered a statement about how the GENBAND product can enhance the enterprises to which his company offers service.

“GENBAND’s EXPERiUS Application Server allows us to advance our communications offerings with the ability to deliver new services to our customers and create new revenue streams,” Kumar said. “The global GENBAND team provided unparalleled support and delivered beyond our expectations on this important project. Vodafone Fiji is honored to have such a strategic partner and we look forward to growing our relationship in the future.”

Vodafone's insistence on moving toward an IP-based architecture is part of a broader trend in the telecommunications industry toward data, IP services, and software-based networking. The hosted communications market itself is expected to be worth $12 billion by 2018. Such services are often cheaper than on-site alternatives, and they are less complex to set up and maintain. Moreover, they allow a flexibility for enterprises to add or remove phones and UC services at will without the requirement of a complete system overhaul. Simply change a few software options and the deed is done.

It is that flexibility which should make this Vodafone/GENBAND package so attractive to potential customers. Existing Vodafone customers may have witnessed the stress involved with adding lines or the limits involved in traditional PBX. For them, at least, there could be some momentum in their frustrations that can make a hosted platform seem attractive, and there may be no better time to switch.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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