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Google Adds Live Chat with Businesses to Search Results

March 02, 2015

Google is one of those companies that simply won’t rest on its laurels. While the firm works on big ideas like Google Glass, it also works hard to improve its smaller and less well-known services. Its newest move on this front is to test a service that will incorporate live chat with businesses directly in the search results.

This particular service will allow users conducting a search to interact with businesses that have a representative available. If there is someone available, the chat will be launched directly in the browser using Google Hangouts, not entirely unlike Path Talk’s direct messaging platform. Google has not yet disclosed detailed information about its newest service, but the company has confirmed its launch.

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What we do know is that the chat feature will offer a direct line to businesses that streamlines communication and eliminates the need for searching through contact and customer service pages. Some feature also make it possible for customers to receive an estimated time for response. Because this service is so new and still in the early-development phase, it’s difficult to forecast the direction Google will take as it tweaks and refines its functions. One has to imagine that in finished form, this service will be another step toward greater popularity for its less well-known services.

Google’s launch of this service could mean bad news for companies like Path. The smaller firm was previously among an exclusive few to offer this kind of service. With Google joining the fray, companies such as Path now have a rather large and formidable business competitor on the prowl.

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