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Insight into the Race for Real-Time Communications

March 05, 2015

What does it mean for your customer care if you can talk to customers in real-time? This may not be a question at the top of your curiosity list, but it is something you need to consider as technology continues to advance. Customers expect to reach you through multiple channels and they expect that you’ll be prepared.

For some that can lead to confusion over what it all means – of course customers can talk to us in real-time; we have our phones on during business hours and we have a live person take each call. While this is a great approach to customer care, it’s not the only thing you need to use as a priority in quality interactions. Customers are using a myriad of channels to interact with companies and an inability to meet their demands in a variety of ways can quickly degrade the experience.

Today, customers want to be able to reach out to you through your website, get on a live chat or a phone call directly with an inside person. They want answers to their immediate questions and they want you to know the page they’re on – literally. This means the collaboration and communication tools you have in place need to integrate with their own – a feat that is difficult to achieve.

Such demand is driving the development of WebRTC to support real-time communications. Users want to quickly integrate voice and video into applications so they need only to click a button to stay connected. It’s the concept that drove the development of conferencing apps, yet takes them both to a whole new level. The ability to streamline without downloading software or enabling a plug-in is huge – but how do you decide where you need to integrate and understand the trends that are sure to come down the pipeline?

There is a race to real-time and those providers able to do it well will set a whole new standard in customer care and even internal collaboration. The expectation will increase among the user base and those unable to meet the new level will find their opportunity limited. If you’re not sure where you’ll fall, it’s time to talk to an expert like Aragon Research Founder and CEO, Jim Lundy.

As his schedule might be a little full, you will have an opportunity to hear what he has to say about real-time communications in a free webinar, The Race to Real Time: Adding Voice and Video to Your Application on March 25, 2015, 12:00 PM ET. Lundy will focus on trends, integration, best practices and measurable outcomes.

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