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Accellion Join Forces with Kandy to Enhance Real Time Communications

March 05, 2015

A little over a year ago, Accellion announced the launch of kiteworks, a mobile first solution with a three-tier architecture, which was designed to help people work securely regardless of their location. The separate layers offer deployment options for enhanced security, such as putting the Web layer in the DMZ for external users, while keeping the application and data layers behind the firewall to reduce the risk of data breaches.

GENBAND is a developer of real time communications software solutions. In Barcelona, Spain, at the Mobile World Congress event, GENBAND announced that Accellion has selected Kandy, a communications Platform-as-a-Service, to enhance collaboration in its kiteworks solution.

Kandy is a real time communications software development platform, designed to help companies build communications that are more integrated and immediate. Kandy combines the simplicity of the Web and mobile applications with enterprise-grade real time communications capabilities, making it more cost-effective and efficient to enable communications applications.

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The kiteworks by Accellion solution is designed to enable business users to securely create, access, and share up-to-date enterprise content anytime, anywhere. Now with Kandy, kiteworks users can take advantage of a more personal, secure interactive communications experience with real time video, talk and chat.

Paul Pluschkell, who is executive vice president of strategy and cloud services for GENBAND, as well as the founder of Kandy, commented that "Some of the largest organizations and government agencies around the globe are leveraging Accellion's trusted solutions to ensure data security and compliance - so we are delighted to complement kiteworks with the real time communications capabilities that Kandy offers. kiteworks and Kandy together empower today's enterprise workforce to collaborate freely in the mode of their choice whether its video, voice or chat no matter where they choose to work, while not having to worry about security risks.”

We are a generation of being very connected, the proof of this can be seen when you take a look at the technological and policy advances made over the past year. On the policy side, you have bring your own devices (BYOD), which gives employees the ability to work more efficiently from any location. On the technology side we have Voice over IP (VoIP), which gives everyone a greater ability to collaborate through conference calls and data sharing. It is this type of collaboration that has quickly become a norm for the mobile workforce.

Products such as kiteworks are a way of providing these mobile workers with a secure, enhanced, real-time communications solution around business critical content. In turn, this provides a way for employees to quickly and efficiently accomplish their tasks. We live in a world where we not only are, but need to be connected all the time regardless of our location. Content access combined with real-time collaboration is a solution that kiteworks and Kandy are able to provide.

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