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Kandy Throwdown Application Development Contest Lands New Judge

March 06, 2015

Those familiar with Kandy already know it's a powerful new tool for connecting users to other people, whether it be businesses to customers or even to other businesses. But it's also a comparatively new tool, meaning there's a lot of room for development. Thus GENBAND launched the Kandy Throwdown Application Development Contest, complete with a new judge: Pitch + Pivot founder Garrett Smith.

GENBAND's Kandy has several tools to its credit already, including features that users crave like voice and video chatting functions, conferencing systems, and co-browsing tools. But Kandy is in a lot of ways still just getting started, and so GENBAND is opening up the floor for users to step in and enter the Kandy Throwdown.

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Developers have until April 9 to put together an app that uses Kandy systems as part of its operations, and the best such uses will in turn receive prizes.

There's a grand prize of $10,000 in cash, and 10 runner-up prizes of $1,000 each. Rounding out the prize pool, valued at fully $30,000, are four special prize categories each worth $2,500. The special classes include the best app made by students, the best app made for business, the most “addictive” app, and the Popular Choice app.

Apps can either be built from the ground up or modified to use Kandy, and apps that include hardware options—wearable or otherwise—will also be welcomed in. Those interested need only go to for additional entry information.

Bringing in Garrett Smith as a judge, however, makes particular sense. Smith is a veteran of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) endeavors, having worked at VoIP Supply in developing its online marketing and business development processes. Additionally, Smith's Pitch + Pivot is a full-service marketing agency, working to develop several portions of the marketing mix. It can help with channel sales, pricing, target marketing, and even developing complete inbound marketing campaigns. Combine the fact that Smith has previously done quite a bit with VoIP—which is related to Kandy's basic operations—but that Smith's marketing agency has a clear focus in channel development, and a clear picture emerges. Smith has been a part of several fields relating to Kandy's operations since well before Kandy, and has put many of the standard features that Kandy offers now to work in Pitch + Pivot's current operations.

When the Kandy Throwdown concludes, several new apps putting Kandy to work will emerge, and offer users an array of new options in terms of keeping in contact with other users. There will be opportunities here for just about everything from improved contact with a mobile workforce to improved opportunities for customers to get in contact with a business. That in turn can improve operations within the business and operations outside as a better customer experience becomes likely, lending at least some support to the bottom line. Only time will tell just what form these apps finally take, but in the end, there's likely to be plenty more communicating going on, and that may well offer some new advantages in its own right.

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