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First WebRTC Client for Lync is Introduced by GENBAND

March 17, 2015

GENBAND is a privately held company that makes IP multimedia application software and infrastructure products for fixed wireline, mobile, and cable network service providers as well as large enterprises. It has been described as a leader in real time communications software solutions for service providers, enterprises, independent software vendors, systems integrators and developers in over 80 countries.The cost savings that the IT department would see come from the RTC Client for Lync’s architecture. The solution was designed to eliminate certain elements such as the need to create, install and maintain discrete applications on multiple devices. The benefits that the user would see come in the form of being able to access a rich set of unified communications (UC) services that include Lync services. In addition, these services can be accessed from any device that supports a WebRTC browser.

GENBAND’s senior vice president, enterprise solutions, Carl Baptiste made the following comments, “We’re shaking up the economics of delivering Unified Communications (UC) and offering a compelling way to integrate previously bespoke communications technologies. We’re offering enterprises the best of both worlds by combining our own high availability voice, video and collaboration with Lync’s IM and Presence; creating a single, web centric, client. Our RTC Client for Lync is delivered like a web page but operates like a traditional desktop or mobile application. More importantly, it looks familiar to Lync users so they don’t need to be retrained and IT organizations aren’t burdened with the cost and complexity of expanding Lync infrastructure to support real-time communications. The RTC Client for Lync is a major pillar in GENBAND’s strategy to transform enterprise communications from a proprietary, single vendor world to one that is more open and standards-based. The client’s WebRTC-based services complement GENBAND’s robust Smart Office portfolio, enabling richer UC services for IP phones, smart phones, tablets and PCs or Macs.”

The fact that GENBAND is committed to open standards pretty much guarantees that the  RTC Client for Lync will have the ability to be further integrated with a variety of business apps by way of the REST APIs which are supported in the SPiDR Gateway. This will give companies the ability to combine various UC services, Lync and thousands of web-centric applications.

GENBAND's SPiDR WebRTC Gateway provides an intelligent bridge between traditional Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) networks and the open ecosystem of the Internet. REST is described as a simple stateless architecture that generally runs over HTTPS/TLS. The REST style emphasizes that interactions between clients and services are enhanced by having a limited number of operations. Flexibility is provided by assigning resources their own unique universal resource indicators.

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