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Five Things to Look for in Video Conferencing Solutions

March 18, 2015

When your 10-year-old is video conferencing with his friends, you know the world of conferencing has changed.

It is easier than ever to connect with coworkers, employees and partners via videoconferencing, the result of technologies such as WebRTC and easy conferencing solutions available via the cloud. No longer does a business need to invest in expensive, proprietary conferencing solutions that are hard to manage.

So it is a good time to reexamine your video conferencing setup and make sure your business has the right solution.

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Here are five things to look for in a modern video conferencing platform.

1. Simplicity. The best conferencing solutions are now the opposite of those used in the boardroom in the past: They are easy to set up and use.

Two trends have made video conferencing easier: First, the cloud has put simplicity at the top of the must-have list, the result of cloud solutions having to be simple or people will move to a competitor. Second, mobile device apps have become an important way to connect, and putting conferencing on a mobile app also requires an easy to use experience. So don’t settle for hard video conferencing.

2. Collaboration features. Conferencing that is just video is missing the boat; today’s video solutions also include file sharing, whiteboards and other collaborative features such as chat. While video is important, look for a video conferencing solution that is less about the medium and more about the reason for conferencing: Getting things done more efficiently.

3. Recording. Our lives are asynchronous; it is not always possible to get all participants in the same room at the same time. Before, that was a problem. Now, however, video conferencing can easily be recorded and shared with those who missed the meeting. Make sure your conferencing solution has this functionality, as it is a lifesaver for keeping participants on the same page.

4. Calendar support. The old way of doing things: Find a common time, add it to the calendars of each participant, the meet by the video conferencing solution. The new way: Have the conferencing solution integrated with participant calendars, so video sessions are more easy to be planned and there is less chance of participants getting the dates and times wrong.

5. Good sound. While everyone knows to look for good video quality when searching for a video conferencing solution, many people overlook sound quality. Yet, good sound quality can make or break a video session, and it often is the difference between a high-quality conference and one that just doesn’t quite feel right. So don’t ignore audio.

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