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Security Is Still Big Concern When Working in the Cloud

March 23, 2015

While working in the cloud is becoming more popular all the time, there are a couple of factors that are still keeping some companies from taking the leap. Among those factors, a new report finds that security is still the number one thing that worries some, despite the fact that security in this field has only been getting stronger in the last few years. The report, known as the Cloud Security Spotlight Report identified the key drivers and risk factors of cloud adoption and it also showed how organizations that are using the cloud are responding to security threats.

When talking about the main things that worry so many people looking at using the cloud more often, the report claims that nine out of 10 firms are still most worried about security threats that surround the cloud such as hijacking of accounts, as well as “malicious insiders.” One of the big ways that people have started dealing with these concerns is coming up with even better encryption. IT professionals and managers are working harder at making sure there are consistent security policies in place.

“Cloud security is top of mind for cybersecurity professionals. This crowd-based research confirms that cloud computing is delivering on its promise of flexibility, availability and much talked about cost reductions,” said Holger Schulze, Founder of the Information Security Community on LinkedIn (News - Alert) in a recent release alongside the report. “But the fundamental perception is that cloud computing is still falling short regarding security and regulatory compliance, making security concerns a critical barrier to faster adoption of cloud services.”

Considering the ever-growing number of people who are storing a large amount of their workload in the cloud, encryption is becoming more important by the day. Encryption of data at rest and in motion is the only security approach that most IT professionals and managers are feeling comfortable with at all. Even with this level of encryption, companies are still feeling unsafe even when talking about well established platforms like Salesforce and Office 365.

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