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Analysis: Enterprise Videoconferencing Equipment Market Revenue Sees Increase

March 27, 2015

Market intelligence from IDC tells us that overall videoconferencing equipment revenue is increasing 15.8 percent quarter over quarter and 4 percent year over year for Q4 2014, making it a banner quarter for this niche market. The entire year, however, wasn’t as promising.

"Although the worldwide videoconferencing equipment market enjoyed positive quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year revenue growth in some market segments in 4Q14, overall the market experienced its third consecutive year of declining revenue in the full-year 2014," said Rich Costello, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Communications Infrastructure at IDC in a statement to the press. "The results are reflective of the ongoing market transition from a primarily hardware-based technology to one impacted by the growing interest in software-based solutions and video subscription services."

As videoconferencing adoption grows, companies are increasingly looking at ways to integrate it into their unified communications architectures, extend videoconferencing to mobile and remote users via desktop and cellular devices, enable videoconferencing across company boundaries, and meet the need to manage video delivery and quality.

Of course, WebRTC means that companies are not only integrating conferencing into their websites, they’re looking to offer better solutions to bridge the gap between customers and customer service.

And, aligned with what Costello said about software-based solutions, WebRTC has no plug-ins to download or install because it’s worked right into browsers.

WebRTC is a software package with well-defined application programming interfaces (APIs) that make it easy for Web developers to enable all sorts of bells and whistles in their Web-based applications.

Given that, it’s no wonder video is on the minds’ of decision makers around the world.

"IDC survey adoption data indicates that video continues to be a key component of collaboration and places high on the list of priorities for many organizations," said Petr Jirovsky, Research Manager, Worldwide Networking Trackers.

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