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GENBAND's Perspectives15 Event to Make One Merry Month of May

April 06, 2015

Edwin Way Teale was once said to describe the month of May by saying, “The world's favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.” That's a lesson that GENBAND seems to have taken to heart, declaring May the month for its Perspectives15 Customer and Partner Summit. Lest anyone think it's just an opportunity to get out and enjoy some great weather, though, GENBAND will have plenty to offer to make sure this is an event that's as good for business as it is for lovers of May in general.

The Perspectives15 event is set for May 17 – 21 at the JW Marriott Grand Lakes Orlando in Florida. Those who attend will have an opportunity to meet and discuss a variety of topics with some of the biggest names in several industries, ranging from communications and social media to enterprise and service providers, among just a few.

Indeed, the featured keynote speaker will represent one of the biggest such opportunities around, as it will be none other than Sir Ken Robinson, whose 2006 TED Conference video reportedly represents the most viewed video in the history of TED. He's also known as “one of the world's elite thinkers on creativity and innovation”, a distinction given to him by Fast Company magazine. But that's just for starters.

Not only will there be an array of other speakers from companies like Verizon, SAP, HP, and several others, but also GENBAND will be bringing out plenty of product exhibition as well, including the KandyMobile, a complete RV equipped with elements of the Kandy platform. With Kandy, users get access to a variety of tools ranging from IM to voice and instant multi-party video, and the KandyMobile will show users just how easy it is to put this technology to work. Just to round out the experience, GENBAND will also have the rock band Kansas, best known for a slew of gold and platinum albums, on hand as the featured entertainment.

GENBAND CEO, President and Chairman David Walsh offered up some commentary on the upcoming event saying, “Creativity is the name of the game in business and in life and that’s why I’m particularly excited to have Sir Ken Robinson joining us this year. Attendees have always given us very high marks for the richness and quality of the content we deliver at Perspectives and I’m confident, with the caliber of presenters and planned topics that this year will be better than ever.”

Those interested at all in the field of real time communications will want to pay very close attention to this show, and the developments that emerge therein, because GENBAND is one of the biggest names around in this sector. The sheer amount of material that GENBAND will have to display at this show should be impressive enough for anyone, and seeing Kandy work in a self-contained environment like the KandyMobile presents should be the perfect object lesson for anyone wondering just what kind of impact Kandy can have on app development or similar measures.

Edwin Way Teale described May as a month in which anything seemed possible, and looking at GENBAND's upcoming show, it's not hard to see where Teale's sentiment carries into reality.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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