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Humans Shape the Delivery of Intelligent Data in New M2M2H Trend

April 02, 2015

M2M communications is a firmly entrenched trend, powering the larger Internet of Things (IoT) as technology enables devices, machines and systems to communicate more valuable information, more efficiently. But humans are the ones to benefit from M2M and make use of the intelligence and insights enabled by these advanced communications.

This has led to a new and exciting trend known as M2M2H, in which humans factor heavily into the equation. The key to this new breed of systems is not only to extract real-time data from M2M communications, but to share it with people and systems in the same timely fashion, in an easy to access and understandable format. And there are a number of companies stepping up to meet this challenge with innovative new solutions.

kintone’s platform and associated marketplace enables users to create any kind of app through a simple drag-and-drop form builder. APIs then enable users to push real-time data to the kintone cloud app from any device, enabling seamless collaboration and actionable usage of M2M data and intelligence. Data is readily viewable via real-time charts through which users may share information using a secure guest space.

Alcatel-Lucent is also focusing on the M2M2H space, concentrating on areas in which the company already has expertise like smart grids, telehealth monitoring and customer experience transformation. To deliver on the promise of M2M2H, the company believes a new approach to communications business models, operations, processes and technologies is required.

“While growth in deployment of M2M and M2M2H services can be a boon for service providers, they also bring a number of business and technical challenges,” wrote Harish Viswanathan, CTO advisor for M2M and wireless in the corporate CTO team, Alcatel-Lucent, in a recent blog post. “Business challenges include navigating a complex and fragmented value chain, device management, and addressing the different needs of various vertical markets. On the technical side, service providers will have to address a number of network considerations such as reliability, availability, scalability, and security to name a few.”

Maven Systems is tackling some of these challenges, and the company offers a customizable remote monitoring solution tailored toward a number of specific applications. The hardware and software solution uses GSM, GPRS and low range RF-based M2M controllers combined with a software-based M2H framework to deliver information to people.

Some of the benefits of the human component of the offering include a rich and easily customizable GUI and simple access to analytics and reports. The solution also enables mobile connectivity on most devices as well as reports specifically tailored to mobile users.

These are just a few examples of how established companies working in the M2M space are finding innovative ways to deliver valuable intelligence to humans, the most important component of the equation. The M2M2H trend undoubtedly reflects the larger phenomenon of users and subscribers driving how services are being delivered and effectively shaping the new face of communications technologies.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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