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Avoid 'One Size Fits All' Thinking with Real Time Communications

April 09, 2015

Have you been advised to use a particular application for real-time communications simply because a trusted friend or colleague has done so? It’s not uncommon to ask someone we trust their opinion on how they solved a problem and consider using the same solution to address our own needs. The problems tend to occur when this is our only form of research.

The same thinking needs to apply to conversations with vendors. The provider who has just one option will promote the concept that one size fits all. This is common when solutions are offered through the cloud. You’re promised that you have access to more than you need and you’ll only pay for what you use. That statement is really only half true. You’ll pay for the whole package and the licenses that you need to operate.

When examining WebRTC options, you may not even realize this is the technology you need. While it makes it easy for your developers to add video and audio communications into application using Web browsers as their platforms, that doesn’t mean that every environment needs the same thing or can benefit in the same way. Every customer engagement, for instance, is different. While a seamless solution that everyone can use is a great goal, it’s not always realistic.

Before implementing the real-time communications engagement experience in any environment, you need to understand the capabilities and limitations of the user base, the typical behaviors they exhibit, the reasons for the typical engagement, the constraints that may be a reality and what the truly immersive experience should include. Simply selecting what everyone else is talking about won’t necessarily solve your problems – it could in fact make them worse.

At an upcoming industry event, Dr. Natasha Tamaskar plans to address this very issue – the reality that, “One Size Does Not Fit All.” Bringing more than 20 years of telecom industry experience with expertise in the cloud, mobile, WebRTC and security solutions, Dr. Tamaskar lends her strategic approach as GENBAND’s Vice President and Head of Cloud and Mobile Strategy and Ecosystem to her engagements, exploring how the communications platform as a service (PaaS) can deliver the immersive multi-layer experience to meet real-time communications needs.

The goal of any communications strategy is to understand the opportunities and limitations for any organization and its users. In doing so, you’ll avoid the trap of any one size fits all approach and implement the real-time communications solution that actually meets your needs. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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