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UChicago Medicine Improves Patient Satisfaction with Real-Time Communications

April 13, 2015

Just as consumers are beginning to harness the power of mobility for fitness and health, medical professionals are utilizing real time communications in patient care. One of the solutions that hospitals and medical centers have turned to is Vocera Care Rounds by Vocera Communications, which was developed to help streamline the rounding process.

According to Vocera, the solution is doing exactly what it was intended to do, and more. In fact, the company announced that University of Chicago Medicine has notably increased its patient satisfaction rates using Vocera Care Rounds.

Rounding is the process by which medical professionals and medical students check on patients to make sure they are recovering well, and to assess the overall care experience.  In this case, UChicago medicine used Vocera Care Rounds for its renewed focus on nurse leader rounding. 

“Vocera Care Rounds is a powerful tool that provides a system-wide way to track patient feedback and also recognize staff members who have provided superior care in real-time," said Sue Murphy, executive director of UChicago Medicine's Patient Experience and Engagement Program. "The solution was adopted quickly by our nurse leaders because it's easy, and it really makes a difference in patient satisfaction and outcomes.”

Medical professionals can use the solution to monitor, manage and address patient feedback from the beginning to the end of their stay—a process that previously required clipboards and a lot of paperwork. Switching over to tablets and using real-time communications consolidates patient data and allows for more efficient management of patient care evaluations—especially useful for a medical center such as UChicago Medicine that employs approximately 10,000 workers.

Since adopting Vocera Care Rounds, UChicago Medicine has conducted 12,000 rounds on more than 9,500 patients.  Various surveys taken at the medical center show a significant overall increase in patient satisfaction, including more than 2,800 positive staff recognitions.

UChicago Medicine uses several other solutions by Vocera, including Vocera Good to Go and Vocera Care Calls. The medical center will be recognized for its elevation of the patient experience by the Intelligent Hospital Association at HIMSS15, a gathering of more than 38,000 healthcare IT professionals, taking place in Chicago on April 13—a good day for hospitals and IT solution providers alike, to say the least.       

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