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PointNurse, Swarm Fund to Build Telehealth Distributed Collaborative Organization

April 17, 2015

PointNurse, a telemedicine startup, has announced that it has partnered with Swarm Fund to build the Global Telemedicine and Telehealth Distributed Collaborative Organization.

PointNurse distinguishes itself from other startups by allowing its participating doctors to join its community as members as well as receiving fees for their services. The community members will actually have a say in the direction that PointNurse goes in.

"We believe, unlike Uber and AirBnB, where only a small group of individuals have control and say in the business or economic upside, our distributed collaborative organizational structure gives our healthcare providers a vote in the governance of the platform and pro-rata upside in its potential value as demand rises for its use," PointNurse founder and CEO Cyrus Maaghul said.

PointNurse uses peer-to-peer, encrypted communications technology for conversations between doctors and patients. Privacy is very important to the medical community, as it’s governed by laws such as HIPPA that protect things like medical records. The company claims over 60 healthcare providers in its network already.

Since telemedicine offers new possibilities for treatment, such as in patient’s homes or in remote locations, it follows that telemedicine providers would experiment with new forms of organization and management. Hence the turn toward crowdfunding and collaboration.

PointNurse, along with four other companies, was selected by Swarm Fund in March to build the new organization for its incubator and crowdfunding program. Both PointNurse and Swarm Fund said that that the Telehealth Distributed Collaborative Organization would be the first of its kind.

Maaghul said that building the new community was a perfect fit with the company’s values.

"Telehealth and Telemedicine are inherently collaborative environments involving many different groups of providers to effectively engage consumers and provide high quality care and better outcomes.  We think this model is superior to existing models in this space today,” he said.

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