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Real Time Communications Week in Review: UChicago Medicine, GENBAND, Google

April 18, 2015

It's feeling more like spring than ever, and with the budding of the trees and the blooming of the flowers comes a big push in real time communications news as well. So with that in mind, and a weekend afoot, take a moment before putting on your yard clothes for a second cup of coffee and a look at the biggest events of the week with our Week in Review coverage!

First we had a look at UChicago Medicine, which turned to Vocera Communications' Vocera Care Rounds to help improve patient satisfaction, a practice that's reportedly proving quite successful. With Vocera Care Rounds, UChicago Medicine can put more accuracy into tracking patient feedback and ensuring that the patient is both well cared-for and healing well. Normally such a practice required clipboards full of data, but now can be done with tablets to save time and money.

Next we had a look at how real time communications was shaking up the working world as we knew it. With everything from email to voice and video making a jump to the cloud and thus taking on aspects of the real-time communications concept, the ability to better accommodate the mobile worker, as well as offer contact points for customers, is becoming more and more prevalent. With a host of new tools being developed like GENBAND's Kandy system, advancement on this front is likely only to continue.

GENBAND came in with the next bit of news, appointing both a new chief marketing officer and executive vice president in Patrick Joggerst. Joggerst was brought in with an eye on further driving the success that GENBAND has already seen with its line of products. Since Joggerst has extensive experience in both sales and marketing leadership, chairman and chief executive officer David Walsh noted, that made him a great fit for the position. Joggerst was previously the vice president for global sales at BroadSoft.

Then we had a look at how real time communications were stepping in to serve as a replacement for unified communications (UC) in some cases, particularly with Web-based real time communications (WebRTC). The rise of such tools in recent years has put some pressure on the UC market, and the field of telemedicine was starting to show this. Kaiser Permanente, for example, is putting telemedicine and real time communications tools to work to drop wait times for patients and open up the possibility of virtual visits.

Finally, we had a look at Google Meetings, an idea which may well be on the way. Given that Google already has a presence in voice with Google Voice, and the simple videoconferencing platform known as Google Hangouts, it doesn't seem all that far off that Google could go to a complete meetings platform. Essentially a breed of Google Hangouts specifically for the enterprise user, Google entering the market could mean big things for WebRTC vendors out there, and not all good.

That was the week that was in real time communications, and it's heating up out there. While the weather may take a little while longer to do so, the real time communications market is clearly a hot property. Our global online community was on fire, bringing back the hottest news in the field. Be sure to join us back next week for all the latest, as well as every weekend for our Week in Review coverage!

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