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M2 Group's Dodo Phone Anywhere Puts GENBAND's fring to Work

April 20, 2015

GENBAND continues to make headlines for offering businesses a way to build exciting new products and offer powerful new services. One of the latest such efforts comes from Australia's M2 Group, a major telecommunications firm in the region, which put GENBAND's fring to work to bring out its new Dodo Phone Anywhere system.

With Dodo Phone Anywhere - now said to be available on both Google Play and the iOS App Store—users get access to app-to-app calling available at no charge, as well as messaging, video calling, and a full array of conferencing features, including file sharing and both voice and video conferencing. Users are essentially able to make calls from anywhere an Internet connection is on hand, and reports suggest that the data-based services allow for highly competitive rates. Plus, when there are charges incurred as a result of using Dodo Phone Anywhere, the charges are added to an existing post-paid account, which makes it much easier to account for and pay bills. There's no need to pre-buy phone credit or the like that way.

GENBAND's fring, which essentially powers Dodo Phone Anywhere, is an over-the-top (OTT) telecom solution that works across the full range of major smartphone platforms. The company acquired it back in September of 2013, and has been putting it to work ever since, allowing other companies to take advantage of the ability to bring several different communications features to work. Options available with fring include video chat available for small groups and on a mobile basis, a specifically two-way video chat option, text capabilities and voice-only calling. It's often seen working with GENBAND's NUVIA system, which offers a set of unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) options for users. Dodo Phone Anywhere, meanwhile, seems to have limited its involvement to fring alone.

Dodo Phone Anywhere is likely to provide its customer base with a valuable new set of services, and as such, it won't be a surprise to see plenty of users interested in putting this new service to work. With a very convenient billing system coupled onto a powerful overall application that has plenty of useful features involved, it wouldn't be surprising to see more companies pick up Dodo Phone Anywhere just to have a central point to work from regardless of physical location. The idea of a mobile workforce is a strong one, and it might well be that Australian users too would be looking for more ways to put such a tool to work. Dodo Phone Anywhere could be the backbone of just such a system, and might well give Australian businesses plenty to work with in terms of working remotely but staying in touch thanks to the array of conferencing and file sharing features as well as different calling media.

Only time will tell just how the market reacts to this release, but it's a pretty safe bet that a lot of happy users will be counted to M2 Group's credit in short order.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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