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Is Email Killing Productivity in the Workplace?

April 21, 2015

Productivity in the workplace is a key concern for businesses because any time on their clock not spent working toward the end goal is negative for overall success.  Numerous solutions and offerings tout being able to streamline and enhance workflows so more work is getting done. But a recent survey is showing that a productivity drain is still happening across workplaces.

A ServiceNow survey conducted last month found that many managers in corporate environments are wasting precious time and money doing administrative tasks instead of focusing on strategy and other needs.

Chief among the culprits of this drain on productivity is the use of email and spreadsheets over the course of an entire day to send requests and track information.

That time adds up to nearly a full two days a week being used on tasks that are not part of their core job functions.

The tools being offered in these work environments are not making tasks as efficient as they could be and they are not as effective as once though. Primarily tasks like requesting tech support, ordering marketing collateral or setting up a new employee, are making for a lot of lost time.

Manual processes involving telephone calls and emails to get work done are slowing down workflow today and adding to lost dollars in the long run for companies.

In fact more than 80 percent of those surveyed said they rely primarily on inefficient, manual tools such as email, telephone calls and personal visits to get work done. This is further compounded by inefficiencies when working with other departments and having to coordinate on tasks.

Over 30 percent of survey respondents said it takes more than 10 individual interactions (emails, phone calls or personal visits) to be ready for a new employee’s first day.

“Email was never intended to run a company’s business processes,” said Dave Wright, ServiceNow chief strategy officer. “It is a communication vehicle that has been bastardized to fill a gap that exists in the systems permeated throughout the enterprise.”

To turn this around and help business regain control of their lost dollars, the ServiceNow report, “Today’s State of Work: The Productivity Drain,” turned to respondents for the answer.

The key is in automation. Of those surveyed, 75 percent said work processes and systems should, “work more like those they experience as consumers.” With offerings working more like the tools we have while on the go, businesses could benefit from users already being skilled in managing them, and the familiarity of using them could also boost productivity.

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Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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