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EMEA Enterprises Need to Improve Networks to Maximize UC Solutions

April 29, 2015

Business users in the EMEA region are not only ready to use unified communications (UC) but are demanding access to the latest technologies, particularly cloud-based offerings. Workers are propelling the BYOD trend to epic proportions and are increasingly requiring better communications and collaboration technologies to remain productive and competitive.

Despite these workforce demands, enterprises are failing to meet the demand for UC, according to the results of a new survey from MSP Easynet. The company queried IT decision-makers throughout the UK and Europe in a number of vertical industries to get their thoughts on communications service providers and how their offerings can benefit the enterprise. Surprisingly, nearly one in five companies queried are not using their service provider to access advanced UC technologies and solutions.

The failure to make use of cloud-based UC is not due to a lack of trust, according to the Easynet findings. The company said that 85 percent of companies surveyed either trust or completely trust their service provider to deliver UC solutions. And 60 percent of organizations believe that UC improves business efficiency while 45 percent think it improves agility.

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So where is the disconnect between trust in UC technology and service providers and failure to implement technologies happening? It may come down to existing network infrastructure failure, which points to a much larger issue. The survey revealed that less than 29 percent of companies surveyed possess WAN infrastructure that can support UC solutions and services across all sites. Nearly half of those queried would need to make network upgrades at some locations at a minimum for UC technology to be effective for their organization.

"Companies across sectors recognize the business advantages of running unified communications across their enterprise, yet this research highlights that only just over half of European organizations are currently able to do so,” said Adrian Thirkill, UK MD for enterprise at Easynet.

Thirkill pointed out that organizations can get their networks up to speed by implementing intelligent and hybrid networking technologies so that they don’t have to undergo massive and costly network upgrades. He added that service providers are in a position to deliver those technologies along with advanced UC services to help organizations get the most out of their existing networking and UC investments.

"Running services across large, complicated and disperse enterprise networks has become a standard requirement,” said Thirkill. “A CSP with broad range of networks, an understanding of their customers' sectors and proficiency in implementing the latest technologies can really make a difference to the way enterprises run their business."

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