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Innovation Continues to Drive Demand for Mobile VoIP

May 01, 2015

As a society, we’ve come to accept that technology rarely stands still, especially when it comes to communications. We’re very interested in faster, greater capabilities, easier collaboration and instant responses. Companies are embracing the next step and implementing Voice over IP (VoIP) to integrate their voice and data networks. As professionals are increasingly on the road, they’re also considering the potential in mobile VoIP.

The standard office setting is no longer the 9-5, one location operation. Companies today are embracing mobility, hiring around the globe and using virtual technologies to integrate one team to work towards a common goal. It’s a changing trend, enabled through technology advancements and streamline costs. It’s allowing companies to be more agile and flexible, while also lowering the cost of operations.

A recent WhaTech post by Claudette Pope examined the trends in communications getting the most hype and what they mean for users in the future. One obvious reality is that these advancements are no longer limited to the large enterprise with unlimited budgets. Companies of all sizes have access to the tools that provide increased flexibility while also lowering costs. Whether it’s VoIP, mobile VoIP, IP PBX or SIP trunking, cloud-based accessibility makes substantial upfront costs a thing of the past.

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Conference bridging is one trend gaining attention as it provides significant benefits across the board. Companies have a wide reach in terms of clients, employees and partners and the ability to communicate seamlessly, regardless of location, is growing. A local number is easily used for parties joining the conference, reducing the costs for the call and giving customers the comfort of doing business with the brand, regardless of location.

Improvements in security are also helping drive adoption. Companies once worried about integrating their networks are now excited about mobile VoIP and even social media capabilities now that they know their risk is lowered. Vendors are encrypting data, private networks are in place and Secure Real Time Protocol (SRTP) is powerful enough that even the U.S. military is adopting the technology.

As technology continues to advance and trends are ever-changing the available technologies, one thing we know for certain – mobility is here to stay. The adoption of mobile VoIP is just the first step in streamlining capabilities for mobile professionals. As vendors continue to develop new solutions to improve reach, performance and quality of experience, we’ll see the technology in use across multiple verticals. And, while it gives great access for those on the road today, there are many who are excited to learn what innovations will emerge tomorrow to expand that value even further. 

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