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Social Media & UC in Latin America

May 01, 2015

For quite some time, enterprises across the globe have been touting the benefits of VoIP and other UC solutions like instant messaging, and email to keep workforces in contact and working more efficiently. Now, Latin American enterprises, which are still lagging behind in investing in some of these innovations, are turning to places like public social media as a frequently used tool.  

Recent research from Frost & Sullivan, The Future of Unified Communications in Latin America, found that only 55 percent of enterprises in Latin America currently use an enterprise-grade social platform.

The slower adoption in UC technologies in this market can be attributed in part to enterprise IT departments who have struggled with regulatory requirements and security concerns.

"Laptops, instant messaging, and smart phones are the most commonly used enterprise communication tools today, but all three are expected to experience significant declines in three years," said Frost & Sullivan Customer Research Global Director Tonya Fowler. "IP phones are by far the most widely deployed tool, followed closely by consumer social media. However, the popularity of smart phones and IP phones indicate that voice remains critical to most businesses."

Also in the enterprise space, public social media has really become an important and widely used tool. The report found that just about three quarters of companies have already implemented usage policies for public social media, and two-thirds even have dedicated staff for this communications channel.

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Public social media is being used for various reasons across industries, but most verticals report using it for productivity gains. While the Healthcare vertical saw one of the biggest revenue impacts, the Education vertical is also relying heavily on the channel for internal collaboration. Sectors not getting as much value out of social media include manufacturing and retail firms – who instead reported their biggest productivity increases were seen from internal employee collaboration solutions.

"Mid-size and large enterprises are more likely to use social media for internal collaboration than small businesses, but not by a large margin," noted Fowler. "Mid-size organizations have the best handle on managing public social media use. Large enterprises have the most measurable value, while a small percentage of small businesses see no value at all."

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