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Jive Enters the Growing Business Messaging App Space

May 05, 2015

The business world is constantly working to stay in line with the technological advancements happening in the consumer market, such as in the case of real-time messaging apps. Companies’ need for flexible internal communication tools coupled with employees’ expectation of an intuitive experience similar to those found on personal devices has led to the massive success of Slack and encouraged the launch of a range of competing collaboration platforms.

Newest to the arena is Jive Chime, a fully featured real-time messaging app that provides seamless collaboration tools across iOS and Mac OS, Android and Windows. Although this is a somewhat crowded market — every month it seems like there’s a new business messaging startup or an existing service incorporates this functionality — adoption of this technology is still in its infancy and the vast majority of companies still rely on email or text messages for internal communication. This massive untapped market combined with the popularity of Jive’s work collaboration software represents a substantial potential user base for Chime and upends the assumption that Slack will maintain its considerable lead.

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In addition to the option of both one-to-one and group messaging, Jive Chime offers the standard array of vital features including online status and read-receipts, emojis and robust security features. The app allows employees to centralize business-related communications, keep them separate from personal ones and synchronize contacts and conversations across devices. Although the base version is free for all users, a premium version for $2/user/month grants additional features including the ability to manage users from a centralized console, create, edit and deactivate users and populate profile fields.

“There is a massive paradigm shift in how employees communicate because they expect to connect as simply and easily as they do in their personal lives. With the fast pace of business today, co-workers need simple, singularly focused, mobile apps to work together in any context, at anytime and on any device,” said Elisa Steele, CEO and President of Jive Software. “Despite the many options for team communications, Jive Chime is the first to truly put people at the center of its design – a simple, smart, beautiful app to get the answers you need to keep the work moving and the conversation flowing.”

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