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Dubai Silicon Oasis to Build Efficient Irrigation System

May 07, 2015

The Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority has announced the implementation of the first water-saving subsurface irrigation program in the region.

The DSOI partnered with Rain Bird, best known in the U.S. as a manufacturer of lawn sprinklers.

"Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority aims to articulate the vision of the Government of Dubai in transforming all conventional systems into smart systems,” Khalil Shalan, vice president of operations and facilities at DSOA, said. “Our primary challenge was to save irrigation water in addition to curbing complaints of excess water being sprayed on the hardscapes of the community. With Rain Bird’s expertise, we have been able to successfully implement the subsurface irrigation system that has helped us achieve our goals and further our efforts towards articulating our CSR strategy.”

As the name suggests, subsurface irrigation works by running water lines under the vegetation to be watered. Using water efficiently is crucial in a desert region like the UAE. It can also be useful closer to home, as California is experiencing record drought. 

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Both Rain Bird and the DSOA conducted a pilot study last year. The irrigation system is based on Rain Bird’s XFS subsurface dripline. The system achieved a 30 to 40 percent reduction in water use compared to a traditional sprayer irrigation system.

The irrigation system will cover all the common areas of the DSO technology park. Phase 1 will be completed at the end of this year. Phase 2 will cover the lawns and private villas of the park.

"For over 80 years, we have been committed to the intelligent use of water. Our XFS subsurface dripline with Copper Shield Technology has been available for over five years and we have seen wonderful results,” Gaetan Pierrefeu, Rain Bird’s international business manager for the Middle East, said. “The Copper Shield Technology protects the dripline emitter from root intrusion creating a long-lasting, low maintenance sub-surface drip irrigation solution. We are honored to have been chosen by DSOA to be the supplier of this innovative technology and its partner in this important initiative towards achieving sustainability and water efficiency."

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