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Get Lync Voice and Video for Less Using WebRTC

May 11, 2015

Microsoft’s unified communications platform, Lync, is taking the business world by storm. But that doesn’t mean that it always is easy to deploy or cheap.

In particular, setting up the voice and video components of Lync can be a challenge, as it usually requires creating, installing and maintaining discrete applications on multiple devices to get it all working.

GENBAND has been working on an easier way to roll out voice and video for Lync, however, and it will be sharing its insights during an upcoming webinar that takes place on May 14 at 12 p.m. EST.

At the center of its recommendations is GENBAND’s new Real Time Communications (RTC) Client for Lync, which offers enterprises the best of both worlds by combining GENBAND’s high-availability voice, video and collaboration with Lync’s IM and Presence to create a single, web centric client that works on any WebRTC-enabled browser.

The RTC Client for Lync is a big part in GENBAND’s strategy to transform enterprise communications from a proprietary, single vendor world to one that is more open and standards-based. Since the client is WebRTC-based and built on open standards, the RTC Client for Lync will have the ability to integrate with a variety of business apps by way of the REST APIs.

The entire solution set can be deployed in an enterprise network, in the cloud or resold as a hosted service, and organizations can also acquire the solution from GENBAND’s Nuvia Cloud UC service or as an element of GENBAND’s Platform-as-a-Service, Kandy.

The webinar, “Use WebRTC to Add Voice & Video to Lync for Less,” will cover common challenges in adding real-time voice and video to Lync, how WebRTC clients can replicate traditional desktop clients, how businesses can rationalize mixed infrastructure such as Cisco or Avaya voice with Lync, why businesses won’t have to retrain Lync users, and how to leverage cloud-based voice and video with Lync, among other topics.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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