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Macadamian Joins Sponsor List at GENBAND's Perspectives Annual Conference

May 11, 2015

Macadamian has announced that it will be a Kandy Ecosystem sponsor and exhibitor for when the GENBAND Perspectives15 Annual Customer and Partner Summit kicks off later this month. This particular summit brings a number of the brightest minds in the communications, software, service provider and channel partners markets. "Macadamian is proud to support GENBAND, our long-term partner in launching their ground-breaking Kandy WebRTC platform with its' plug-and-play voice and video capabilities." Didier Thizy, Vice President of Macadamian said in a recent release.

When it comes to WebRTC, there is a seemingly endless number of new uses that are arising for the technology. Thizy added that Macadamian has been working with this technology for more than two years ago. The firm believes that because it has worked so extensively in the field, it knows what other companies are looking for when it comes to adapting WebRTC to their needs. The firm will be showing off its knowledge when it makes its appearance at the GENBAND Perspectives Summit.

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GENBAND is excited about this event because it believes the summit has turned into one of the signature, must-attend events in the industry. GENBAND also pointed out that the summit wouldn’t be what it is if it didn’t have partners like Macadamian.

The company noted that the event is being held at a newer, larger venue this year, and that the new venue, as well as the companies that are slated to attend will make this Perspectives the best it’s ever been. GENBAND believes that having Macadamian, as well as the other companies coming, will help turn this event into something that will be widely talked about in the WebRTC field, as well as other business and tech fields around the world.

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