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AVOTUS: Taking UC Systems to the Next Level

May 13, 2015

Intelligent Communications Management (ICM) might sound like something only recently developed to keep up with the fast pace of next gen. solutions, but for 30-year-old company, Avotus, it’s what the business has been doing all along.

The company offers four main solutions that deliver on three main things for its customers including providing the visibility and transparency into telecom networks so they can gain transparency into their telecom networks as well as usage and investment reporting and the ability to capture and manage big data around network information for customers.

This kind of ‘Enhanced Usage Reporting’ (EUR)—which integrates with lots of PBX and cloud-based VoIP platforms—makes it possible to offer reporting about what happens on the platform and so much more.

I recently caught up with CEO James P. Martino to talk about how the company helps anyone dealing with UC systems have complete visibility and stay protected.

Martino noted that while companies today are very concerned about security and spend a lot of time and money to ensure breaches or loss of intellectual property doesn’t happen to them, what they are forgetting is that the way the market is set-up today, those UC systems don’t offer adequate tracking of the usage on the platform.

“Prior to today, with just voice, there was some monitoring systems in place, but now with everything on the UC platform , most are being rolled out without an Enhanced Usage Reporting embedded. So it becomes impossible to see how the system is being used for or abused.”

Abuse for businesses can include leaking intellectual property to third parties, not having data to defend itself in litigation, HIPPA requirements, trading ethics issues, because they don’t have the data to support what employees were doing or actually did.

Recently, AT&T fired one of its division Presidents due to improper use of corporate communication assets and faces a $100 million lawsuit.  In these situations, both the company and the employee are being held liable for bad acts. The AT&T spokesperson commented, “We wish we had acted sooner”. Enhanced Usage Reporting would have made that possible. The cost of the firm’s lack of visibility is extremely high.

Example report showing summary of all UC feature usage for an employee

In the Ray Rice, NFL scandal, enhanced usage reporting would have quickly answered the questions surrounding when the NFL Commissioner’s office had been alerted to the infamous elevator video.

Service providers also play an important role in ensuring UC implementations are minimized for risk.  As Martino notes, most of the value around cost savings and features gained by moving to UC mean nothing if the offering from the service provider comes with risk. What’s worse, enterprise customers are expecting the UC systems they are being offered are safe.

It’s imperative that platform providers integrate and offer a certified EUR platform with their UC systems and that service providers selling the UC solutions include that EUR platform as a standard feature so that they are not setting up customers for security breaches or abuse.”

Martino said the company is moving toward offering even more tools for UC that businesses need to survive today.  New enhancements included in its advanced platform will go beyond voice and make it possible to monitor all the different components of the UC platform. For enterprises, this brings a new level of assurance that they will have protection and data from mobile and video calls as well as conference calls and IM’s whenever they need it.

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This latest announcement comes fresh on the heels of the upcoming GENBAND Perspectives 15 event, where the company will have a booth and demo its ICM Enhanced Usage Reporting (UC 9.0) integrated with Cisco and GENBAND.

The marketplace is only now beginning to digest the threats that UC environments expose to the enterprise, and a realization Martino said is good for the industry. ICM EUR from Avotus now allows enterprises to reap the productivity gains from UC while still protecting the firm.  

“If you don’t understand what can happen, then you don’t know how to prevent it and I think it’s one of those things that sometimes folks  don’t deal with until something negative has happened - and that can be consequential and can put the enterprise at risk. To avoid this, every UC system should have Enhanced Usage Reporting.”

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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