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GlobalLogic Talks Real Time Communications, Disruptive Tech

May 18, 2015

The world we live in today is one where we are constantly connected to one another, depend more and more on technology to work, make purchases and even to live. Communications solutions like WebRTC are making all of this possible because they can connect people and machines with each other, or with the information they need at any time.

I recently caught up with Jim Walsh, CTO of GlobalLogic, to talk about some of the hottest trends in the industry right now and what disruptive technologies may catapult real time communications (RTC) to its destined place at the top.

GlobalLogic, which offers full product lifecycle services and works on core technologies for about 250 ISV’s and software-enabled businesses has a, “pretty amazing view into what’s going on in the industry,” Walsh said.

Currently, the company sees a central theme developing around the convergence of real time communications, analytics, sensors and big data that it feels is worth making note of.

Walsh is referring to what most are calling the ‘Internet of Things’ or IoT as making a giant splash in applications for retail shopping, home healthcare, transportation, industrial control, and many other areas.

The roads being paved in home healthcare are especially important thanks to connected technologies and real time communications because they are changing how medical issues are discovered and handled across the globe.

Walsh noted that real-time communications can be initiated when a medical problem is detected using in-home sensors. So, if someone’s sensors on their connected scale provided data of a sudden weight gain for example, it’s possible to now discover an issue as it happens – before any further damage is done.

“Once connected devices are installed in a home and connected to the internet, a danger sign like a sudden weight gain can trigger a real-time video chat with a healthcare provider via a connected tablet. For people who are not tech-savvy, a video chat can be much more natural than connecting via a touch screen.”

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There are also giant waves being made in the retail space with real time communications that are completely transforming shopping experiences.

“Real time communications is a key piece of the omni-channel experience as an enabler of a personalized interaction both on-line and in-store,” Walsh said.

People want to have the same experience whether they are shopping in a physical location, online, or via their mobile devices. To achieve this, retailers need to provide a personalized interaction while in a connected environment, and rich content while in a physical environment.

GlobalLogic is already working with a retailer of luxury durable goods, Walsh noted, to help initiate a personalized face-to-face relationship with a potential buyer before they even set foot in the store.

This is the kind of ‘next-level’ real time communications that will dynamically change how consumers and brands are intimately tied to each other.

When done the wrong way, these kinds of communications could be creepy, Walsh advised, but with a great design that combines a “real time interaction with other forms of analytically based hyper-personalization, it will be a great way to deliver a high-touch experience to the high net worth individuals they are targeting.”

The end goal, Walsh said, is to make use of the technologies to, “both increase engagement and the lifetime value of the relationship between their brand and the customer.”

In fact, even larger retailers could benefit from the use of real-time communication mechanisms Walsh said, “To create a robust and seamless interaction as an integrated part of the shopping experience is very compelling. Combined with self-service and hyper-personalization, this type of real-time communication takes workload off the sales associates while providing rich content and a compelling in-store experience.”

At the heart of all this excitement and change in the landscape however are the technologies that are enabling the software systems above. These, Walsh said, are the real disruptors.

“Fueling all this is the astonishing quantity and quality of the open-source packages now available, as well as the mechanisms provided by carriers and their ecosystems for over-the-top communications services. There has never been a better time to develop powerful real-time, analytically enabled solutions. This makes it a very exciting time to be in the product development services business.”

Be sure to check out GlobalLogic at Perspectives 15 in Orlando Grande Lakes from May 17 –21. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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