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NetNumber Tells Its Single-Platform Signaling Story at Perspectives15

May 27, 2015

NetNumber was at GENBAND Perspectives15 this month educating attendees on how its TITAN solution can help communications services providers transition from legacy to new generation networks in a cost efficient and manageable way.

 Some products on the market require CSPs to invest in and create separate silos for each type of signaling and subscriber data management. However, TITAN supports DIAMETER, SIP, and legacy SS7 signaling, as well as various flavors of subscriber data management functionality, on a single platform.

That enables CSPs to activate the specific virtual network functionality as needed and allows them to realize a significant cost reduction compared to hardware-based or single-function VNF solutions, says Steve Legge, NetNumber’s vice president of corporate development.

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The TITAN solution, which GENBAND offers on a resale basis as part of its broad portfolio of products and services, recently was given a Cool Vendor designation by research and consulting group Gartner.

 “NetNumber is cool as it provides platforms enabling the CSPs to transition to digital services by innovating signaling control, such as subscriber profiles, Internet protocol addressing from legacy phone numbers, and policy-based control for digital services,” Gartner’s Deborah Kish recently commented. “This enables CSPs to transition faster in the delivery of new services across multiple generations of networks.”

 Legge offers an example of where TITAN might come into play to help facilities-based service providers. STPs, or signal transfer points within SS7 networks, are legacy network elements that many CSPs still have in place today.

 Although STPs are legacy, Legge says, TITAN takes a next-generation networking approach to them, by providing the STP functionality as a VNF (virtual network function) on TITAN. This solution also tightly couples the STP to common functional requirements like DIAMETER interworking, he says. That creates a bridge between legacy and newer generation networks.

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