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Cameo Global, CafeX Team Up on Customer Care

June 01, 2015

Cameo Global recently announced that it partnered with CafeX to develop a customer experience platform. The new solution combines Cameo’s CloudBlu hosted collaboration with various applications developed by CafeX.

Pleasanton, California-based Cameo Global is the end result of combining STS International with Cameo Solutions. The company is a longtime Cisco partner and develops business collaboration solutions that run in the cloud or on-premises. New York City-based CafeX Communications, Inc. develops solutions that include features like co-browsing, online context management, WebRTC, and omnichannel customer support.

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One of the key elements of the combined solution between Cameo and CafeX is the former’s CloudBlu platform. As its name suggests, the collaboration solution runs in the cloud, leveraging Cisco technology. It provides instant messaging, voicemail, audio and video communications, a contact center, and unified communications. A big selling point of CloudBlu is that because it runs in the cloud, companies can purchase it through monthly payments and avoid high upfront costs that come with traditional on-premises software.

Another key element is CafeX’s LiveAssist collaboration solution. A video that the company produced demonstrates how powerful this solution is. An investor connects to the website of the brokerage and speaks to a financial advisor immediately through a video connection. As they discuss different investments, the advisor shows a graph of a specific investment’s past performance and brings in a specialist, who has greater expertise on the investment being shown. The investor decides to buy some shares and completes the transaction with an on-screen signature.

The beauty of LiveAssist is that it works really well with legacy apps and only requires a couple of lines of code to be used on a webpage. Obviously a video is no better an indication of how well a solution performs in the real world than a car commercial indicates what driving a car will be like, but it does show great potential. If the combination of applications like LiveAssist with the CloudBlu platform is even close to what is advertised, then businesses will have a great solution to improve their customers’ experience.

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