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How CSPs Can Address OTT Demand from Immigrants, Other Users

June 01, 2015

Canada leads the advanced economies of the world in welcoming immigrants, although recent changes in Canadian immigration law are making a once wide-open immigration policy more selective. In any case, Canada is expected to open its doors to more than 172,000 migrants this year alone, according to a February article on Scribe Publishing’s DAWN.

More immigrants, of course, equates to a great need for international calling. Traditionally, that need has been met with prepaid calling cards or service packages, which are quite popular in Canada. But now over-the-top offerings provide more – and often more affordable, easy to use, and feature-rich – choices.

Indeed, GENBAND Chairman and CEO David Walsh is talking about the benefits of embedded and in-app communications – and how they make it easy for people to communicate with one another using just browsers and touchscreens – during a keynote address at the Canadian Telecom Summit this week in Toronto.

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As Roy Timor-Rousso blogged yesterday, communications services providers can cater to immigrants and other people who are looking for better communications alternatives by adding over-the-top solutions to their portfolios. Service providers like the telephone companies are uniquely positioned to compete with OTT offerings like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Viber both because of their own expertise in communications and networking, and because of their strength of their combined subscriber numbers.

“By pooling their assets and working together as they always have, giving ‘interconnection’ a new meaning in the ‘software network world,’ CSPs have the ability to counter and surpass independent OTTs with a white label, fully federated real-time communications over-the-top platform,” Timor-Rousso wrote.

GENBAND is facilitating CSP federation for OTT by creating the fring Alliance, which can aims to enable alliance member users to enjoy solutions that allow them to communicate with a broader base of users around the world – rather than exist in a small, walled garden of app users. The alliance should also have the effect of enabling CSPs to better compete with competing OTT providers in the process, he said. 

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