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Yappn Launches Global Ecommerce Solution, WGE

June 03, 2015

Yappn, already a company that is well known when it comes to real-time language technology as well as translation, has just upped its game with the announcement that it is launching the Windrose Global Ecommerce (WGE) solution. This particular platform will allow retail stores and other Ecommerce providers to give their vendors the ability to build their online stores just one time and deploy them wherever they need - in as many as 67 different languages. Later this month, Yappn will be able to deliver a Shopify App using Windrose.

Yappn’s WGE application for the Shopify platform is also compatible with the Microsoft Azure platform. The WGE for Shopify is actually a fee based software-as-a-service (SaaS) that is able to combine the power of Shopify with the features that cloud applications bring.

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This means that the WGE allows retailers to have better access because it’s that much easier to deploy. The fact that it’s able to work in a massive 67 languages means there really isn’t an environment that it can’t be rolled out in when it comes to actually rolling an E-retailer out. The program simply saves users time and energy because they don’t need to set up an online shop for every country they are doing business in. The shop will shape itself depending on where it is deployed.

While those in English speaking countries sometimes think they are the center of the universe, the fact of the matter is that a small fraction (800 million of the 3 billion Internet surfers) are those that cruise the web in English. Being able to shape an online retailer to another country and another language quickly and easily means revenues can start coming in quicker.

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