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NETXUSA: Automation is What the Future Looks Like

June 05, 2015

NETXUSA, a distributor of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products and services, is hyper focused on delivering the solutions partners need to stay ahead of the competition and in line with all the latest trends.

At GENBAND’s recent Perspectives15 event, NETXUSA was on hand with the purpose of spreading the message about their value added service proposition and how it can help the GENBAND provider to further automate and streamline their own process as it relates to the deployment and management of customer premise equipment related to the hosted or managed IT service offering.

To hear more about what NETXUSA is working on, I caught up with Scott Weeks, the Director of Strategic Alliances.

Weeks said the company has a unique position in the market because it has focused exclusively on working with hosted telecommunications providers. NETXUSA provides a unique value proposition based around software development, consulting services and systems integrations designed to automate not only the provisioning and deployment of CPE but the complete Life Cycle Management of assets.

These services, Weeks noted, allow for the creation of a plug-and-play scenario based around a customer self-install which in turn, allow the NETXUSA partners to rapidly deploy in a highly automated and scalable manner.

This level of automation is something that’s taken so many industries by storm, and the hardware business is no different.

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Weeks also said the industry itself is continuing to evolve and NETXUSA is focused on furthering the development of both their automated systems and services designed to streamline the deployment and installation of customer premise equipment.

“We’re seeing lots of trending toward Customer Self Installs where the IT managers of the end customers are doing the installs instead of the solution provider having to send out high skilled labor – our services are designed to drastically reduce the amount of time and cost associated with deployment of CPE and in turn allow the partners spend their time and effort on growing their business.”

Weeks also said the company is really excited about the opportunity to work with GENBAND and its partner community and is looking forward to the announcement and release of a certified partner program later this year.

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