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Clover Communications Management Leverages WebRTC Powered by Kandy to Sweeten Social Networking for Professionals

June 09, 2015

Social networking has become the norm today for so much of our communications. Not only on a personal level, but in the business setting, we use social channels to keep in touch, collaborate and even to network with prospects and potential partners. With the lines so blurred between professional and personal, the need for something that finally separated the two has never been more necessary.

Now, a new social network that is exclusive to high-level telecommunications and information technology leaders has been launched by Clover Communications Management, working with TrueNorth Technology Solutions LLC.

The online community, Clover Professional Network (CPN), is different from the usual social media we’ve become used to because it is invite-only and because it gives users a way to be more specific about their skills on their profiles. For recruiters and match-making purposes, that means being able to more easily identify certain skills from candidates. It also means being able to connect with others in the field for possible partnerships.

New features are already being developed for the social network and according to the companies, its skill-specific recruitment and contact matchmaking services are gaining momentum with senior tech experts and developers.

One of the key features that’s made the offering as “polished” as it is: real-time WebRTC thanks to GENBAND’s Kandy. Members can easily communicate using IM, voice and even video.

Last month, GENBAND hosted its Perspectives15 event – a five-day event filled with networking, demos, sessions and more for the service provider and enterprise communities. CPN was featured in a Keynote address presented by GENBAND’s Chairman and CEO David Walsh at the event and it was also demoed in the Kandy showcase as an embedded, unified communications solution.

I had the opportunity to chat with the teams behind Compass and Clover to hear more about this newest offering and how their partnership with GENBAND has grown.

Bill Adiletta, who is on the board for TrueNorth, said he had the opportunity about a year ago to introduce TrueNorth’s Tech solutions to GENBAND and in particular work with Kandy to participate in the first generation Kandy Developers portal – which was released at P14 last year. Since then, TrueNorth has gone on to embed all of the Kandy features into their programmable SaaS platform. That means it’s now possible to make a number of Web and mobile applications with Kandy embedded.

During the discussion, Rich Koloski, the founder and key developer for the Kandy product and the underlying product from TrueNorth, which is called Compass Agile Enterprise, chatted about the history of the company.

TrueNorth has been in businesses for about seven years, doing installs of enterprise platforms which have been cloud-enabled from the start. Compass Agile Enterprise is a powerful, cloud-based platform enabling you to rapidly create and manage beautiful, integrated Web & mobile business apps.

The company had collaborated with Ares Development LLC to design an intuitive and attractive user experience and it was universally well-received at the P15 launch.

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Koloski noted that the company had started to bring a pure SaaS version of its product to market and attempted to reach a wider audience when it got to the point where a simple email and sign-up became as easy as QuickBooks or other software like that, to have a complete enterprise resource planning and business platform.

Already in touch with an audience interested in this type of solution, Koloski said they began to get requests for real time communications and the existing relationship with GENBAND enabled it to add Kandy components to the SaaS builder.

“As our customers were building platforms of all kinds, they all had customer service needs and field service teams they wanted to communicate with and started to envision a platform that was as an orchestra between people in the office, out in the field, and customers in their homes and on their mobile devices. As they were building their business systems, the ability to drag and drop bits of Kandy into the application - whether on a mobile device, website, or in office became something all of our customers were interested in.”

That’s where CLOVER came in. The company wanted to build a social networking application that was Web and mobile friendly for the telecom and IT community and contacted with TrueNorth, and in that process, was able to embed Kandy functionality in the Clover Professional Network.

Clover is a telecom agent that resells telecom services and had partnered with GENBAND before.

“We’re an extension of our client’s telecom and IT departments and work with them to build the critical plumbing needed to support all of the new services being deployed in the industry," said founder Dom Callandriello.

“Now more than ever, what we do has become critical as people are relying on these applications. This latest announcement spun off from us looking to build a professional network where matches are more involved and not just email exchanges - but users can apply things like Kandy as an app.”

“So if you find a candidate you’re interested in, you can calendar invite and coordinate a UC session or chat in real time right through the platform. It’s really about efficiency and the accurate matching of people.”

Paul Pluschkell, founder of Kandy, also commented on the significance that CPN brings to social networking. “Not only can high level technologists now build their human networks more strategically and productively, with the exclusivity and invitation-only aspects of CPN, but once they do connect with each other they can communicate seamlessly and instantly without having to dial a number. This is an awesome example of embedded, at work.” 


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