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TenCate Geosynthetics Americas Simplifies Global Training With Translate Your World

June 15, 2015

Training new people in a company is never really easy; there's always a learning curve involved that prevents someone from grasping the realities of a new company immediately. Sometimes these curves are larger or longer than others depending on the lessons. Throw in the complexities involved with another language, and the curve starts to look like a vertical line. TenCate Geosynthetics Americas may have found a way around that problem with Translate Your World, a system that combines the best of several tools to make an easy way to be heard in most any language.

TenCate started using Translate Your World only recently, during a week-long corporate training session. The various instructors delivered lessons, and when the audio from was routed through Translate Your World, an effective translation was delivered instantly and projected on a large screen as subtitles. Not only that, a computerized voice kicked in and delivered the actual translation in spoken words.

Naturally, a company like TenCate has some very specific needs when it comes to translation, and Translate Your World seemed more than ready to the task. One of the attendees at the session in question perhaps said it best, noting that the translation software “...worked better than they could have hoped.” It was also said that the attendees were impressed that the “extra effort” had been taken to provide appropriate and correct translations.

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Translate Your World, meanwhile, calls on some of the best components of several different industries to make its efforts come to fruition. Calling together elements of Google, Microsoft and Apple along with Android, Baidu, and even the best of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) tools to hold it all together, the final product delivers some shocking results. According to Translate Your World's president Sue Reager, the Translate Your World service can deliver effective translations over 78 different languages. Reager noted that while the service wasn't “Star Trek” perfect—the universal translator mechanisms of that series regarded as the gold standard of translation systems, able to make even Ferengi sound like they're speaking perfect English—but the end product was still enough to “...virtually eliminate the language barrier” across those 78 languages.

Translation can be a difficult thing to achieve. Sure, if we all spoke words only found in a dictionary, or carefully enunciated absolutely everything we said, it would be a lot simpler. But we don't speak that way. We have accents. We have idioms. We have local color that changes the fundamental meaning of words; you're probably not going to find “GTL” in your nearest Funk & Wagnalls, for example. But applications like Translate Your World can make a big difference, and help bridge the gap that so often develops as a result of language differences. With the world getting progressively smaller thanks to advancements like the Internet, we have to consider the impact of language. Translate Your World, as it undergoes refinement and gets better, will go a long way toward making the process of translation even better.

As translation improves, so too does communication. Communication's improvement often brings around better relationships, and of course, greater profitability. Being able to talk to anyone opens up the entire world as a potential market, and a bigger market than that has yet to be found. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino

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