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GENBAND's Kandy Throw Down Invites Developers to Put Their Best RTC App Forward

June 16, 2015

“Put your app into Beast Mode” might not initially sound like an attractive challenge, but it’s one that real-time communications (RTC) solution Kandy and its maker GENBAND is proposing to app developers. Kandy, GENBAND’s real time communications software development platform introduced late last year, was designed to allow companies to offer their customers real-time communications capabilities in the form of voice, video, co-browsing, SMS, conferencing, and more. Perks such as video shopping assistance can be added to the customer experience thanks to Kandy.

“The Kandy Platform is designed to allow anyone from IT to business owners to embed real time video, voice, presence and text into their Web and mobile applications,” said Paul Pluschkell, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Cloud Services for GENBAND and Kandy Founder at the time of the software development platform’s launch.  “With just a few clicks developers can connect customers, employees and even products (IoT) into their existing or new applications. Kandy gets them to market faster and more cost effectively.”

Companies today are using real-time communications (RTC) to add an extra layer of customer experience to their Web sites and mobile Web sites. Customers today, faced with a variety of options when it comes to product and services, are becoming more attracted to certain brands based on how easy and compelling the customer support component is. RTC is a way for companies to stand out from a crowd of competitors and offer customers a twenty-first century customer experience.

To help spur the development of RTC applications, GENBAND’s “Kandy Throw Down,” is a hack-a-thon that encourages individuals and teams to build applications using real-time communications. By using Kandy, these developers can improve the Web-based or mobile customer experience with voice, video, messaging, presence and co-browsing in a multitude of combinations.

Participants must submit a new app that uses free Kandy’s API/SDK (via the Promo Code) or update an existing app with Kandy. (GENBAND stipulates that only apps built with Kandy’s free service via the Promo Code are eligible for the competition.) Eligible platforms include smartphone or tablet (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Kindle, Windows Phone), Web (mobile or desktop), desktop (Windows PC, Mac Desktop), software running on other hardware (including, but not exclusive to, wearable technology, open source hardware, etc.) and custom hardware which includes a software component (wearable technology, etc.).

Submissions for the “Kandy Throw Down” hackathon are due by Tuesday, June 23rd, and winners will take home $10,000. For more information including demos, featured apps and contact information for Kandy developers who can help in one-to-one video sessions, visit The portal includes a developer area, application showcase, and a community in addition to developer API, SDK and quick start tools. 

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