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Vyopta vAnalytics Monitors Video Calls in Real Time

June 18, 2015

Video and Web analytics company Vyopta has announced that it is expanding its vAnalytics product to cover video calls.

“Users expect video calls to be as good, if not better, than an in-person meeting,” said Ivan Montoya, vice president of marketing and business development for Vyopta. “Tracking call-quality metrics in real time will be critical to improving the user experience as video meetings are becoming more mainstream in large organizations.”

vAnalytics supports a number of popular videoconferencing solutions including Cisco MCUs, Cisco TPS, Cisco video endpoints, Acano CoSpaces, Pexip VMRs.

The product delivers analytics in real time, which is useful in helping IT staff to figure out if a video quality problem is ongoing or just a fluke. If it is a constant problem, they have the information they need by looking at their history of calls to see what’s causing it, whether misconfigured software or inadequate networks.

vAnalytics can also give staff alerts to quality problems before users complain to them.

Videoconferencing is becoming more popular as an alternative to in-person meetings and business trips. People will tolerate jittery video up to a point, but if connections keep dropping and the video starts to resemble an Atari 2600 game more than a business meeting, that’s when it’s time to troubleshoot before a company spends more fixing problems than it does on plane tickets.

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Vyopta’s vAnalytics should help companies before they get to that point.

“At Vyopta, we design our products by measuring issues from the perspective of the person in the video meeting and the IT team that is making the video-call experience a great one for all employees in their organization,” Vyopta CTO Rick Leung said. “With our Real Time Call Quality monitoring, we can gather all the relevant data on a video call into a single dashboard, let the IT team know if there is a problem and give them the tools to make better decisions faster to improve the video-meeting experience.”

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