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GENBAND's Kandy Adds Another Ecosystem Partner in moBack

June 23, 2015

GENBAND's Kandy, to borrow from an antique phrase, is dandy. It's so dandy, in fact, that it's been cropping up in a host of places lately. It's part of suicide prevention tools, part of app development systems and a host of applications. Now, one more firm has joined that host as GENBAND's Kandy has added moBack to its Kandy Partner Ecosystem.

For those not familiar with the name, moBack is a mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) platform designed to give its users the means to develop and release apps for both mobile and the Web faster and with less expense - two critical metrics for just about any app developer around. Meanwhile, moBack will reportedly be putting Kandy to use to bring voice and video chat tools to the slate of apps developed with the moBack platform.

Dev Gandhi, who serves as moBack's founder and CEO, offered up some comment on the use of Kandy in moBack's systems saying, “We teamed with GENBAND because the Kandy partner ecosystem combines the best of both, a carrier-strength backbone and a leading-edge PaaS. At moBack, we are creating the ability to rapidly build apps across the mobile enterprise, and this could leverage Kandy’s real-time communications capabilities. We look forward to bringing these advanced features and functionalities to our MBaaS platform.”

Meanwhile, Kandy's founder and GENBAND's executive vice president of strategy and cloud services, Paul Pluschkell, noted that this wasn't the end of collaboration with moBack. Pluschkell revealed that there were “...numerous projects and other opportunities...” afoot that would bring the disruptive technologies of a mobile backend coupled with real time communications benefits to market.

As noted previously, moBack is hardly first to the party on Kandy involvement, but any time is a good time to bring in Kandy functionality, especially given how many apps are looking to bring in real time communications functions like voice and video chat. Kandy has shown its prowess in adding these systems through a number of throwdowns, hackathons, and plain old everyday development, so moBack's new connection to Kandy makes perfect sense. What's more, moBack's focus on the backend essentially makes it the equivalent of selling shovels in a gold rush, providing the tools for app developers to put together apps, or just custom-tailoring apps itself for other companies to use. An increased mobile focus—sufficiently so that even Google is putting weight on mobile functionality in a move described as “Mobilegeddon”—means apps will be ever more prized, and offering the tools to build better apps gives moBack a clear edge in the field beyond just joining the crowd of app developers.

With businesses of all stripes putting Kandy to work, providing new ways for customers to get in touch with favorite stores or just allowing a mobile workforce better access to collaboration, apps developed with moBack's platform will likely help keep somebody in touch with somebody else. 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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