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Aragon Research Names Kandy 2015 Hot Vendor

June 24, 2015

It's almost a bigger surprise to hear that GENBAND's Kandy system didn't win some kind of award or land on someone's best-of list. Indeed, it's recently found itself on a whole new list, as Aragon Research put Kandy on its 2015 Hot Vendor list in the field of real time communications and collaboration platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

Aragon Research takes a look annually at the markets in question and picks vendors whose fortunes are clearly on the rise as such vendors contribute truly new and different ideas to the larger market. That's an excellent way to describe both Kandy and GENBAND alike; GENBAND recently took home a new rank as part of CNBC's Disruptor 50 list for 2015 and Kandy is increasingly regarded as a must-have tool for developers who want to add communications capabilities to an app. These days, that's quite a few apps—most everything from business apps to games and even dating apps are landing the real time communications edge—so Kandy is often right at the tip of the spear.

Aragon Research's Jim Lundy, who serves as both lead analyst and chief executive officer of the firm, had plenty of reason why Kandy was worth adding to the list. Lundy pointed out Kandy's increasing ubiquity in the field, and noted that it's still positioned clearly for growth. Lundy elaborated, “The Kandy platform has already attracted a marquee roster of ecosystem partners and customers.” Indeed, we just saw Kandy add moBack to its ecosystem partner roster, and that's just the start. Kandy is already working with major names like IBM and Deloitte.

Naturally, GENBAND had a response to all this, as expressed by its executive vice president for strategy and cloud services Paul Pluschkell, who also happens to be Kandy's founder. Pluschkell noted: “Being honored by Aragon Research as a 2015 Hot Vendor in Real-Time Communication and Collaboration Platform as a Service is a significant honor for Kandy and further validation of its market-disrupting nature. The interest that we’re experiencing from communications service providers, systems integrators, independent software vendors and developers has been nothing short of phenomenal. The innovative use cases that we’re seeing implemented through Kandy have included many that we did not even envision, which speaks to the true power of the platform.”

Kandy is proving to be a major game changer. A slate of Kandy hackathons have shown that Kandy can be added to a wide array of apps and produce some amazing results. Even the basic idea comes out in favor of Kandy; as app developers embrace the idea of letting users put the app to work to get in contact with others, said developers often look to Kandy for the brass tacks necessary to put such communication systems in place. The ability to use an app not only for its intended purpose but also as a means to communicate is becoming increasingly prized, and as such, so too is Kandy.

We're a more connected planet than we ever were before. Being able to talk to other people has never been so much a part of our everyday life. Kandy, meanwhile, makes it a lot simpler to talk to other people right from the platforms many were already using, and that makes it an attractive proposition, one that will likely keep landing accolades for years to come.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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