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Development and Innovation Are Main Benefits of Kandy

June 29, 2015

Innovation has turned out to be one of the biggest benefits of adopting a communications platform-as-a-service (PaaS), as real-time communications solutions provider GENBAND has discovered. The company rolled out its Kandy PaaS offering less than a year ago and has had a strong reception as hype and awareness grow.

TMC Group editorial director Erik Linask got a chance to speak to Dr. Natasha Tamaskar, VP and head of cloud strategy at GENBAND, earlier this month at Cloud Expo New York 2015. Tamaskar said that as the comfort level of PaaS customers and users grows, they’ve been getting increased traction and innovation from Kandy.

“We have seen that more and more of our customers are getting very comfortable with the platform,” said Tamaskar. “With every proof point that we bring to the table they are starting to see that this is really possible. Innovation is possible in a very timely matter.”

Kandy is a cloud-based, real-time PaaS offering enabling communications software development. It incorporates communications, presence and security software from GENBAND and features APIs, SDKs and quick starts. According to Tamaskar, the company’s telecom operator and service provider customers are increasingly using the platform as a way to stay competitive and differentiate themselves from a growing number of over-the-top (OTT) content providers.

“The best way to be able to compete against them is to be able to leverage a platform that is proven,” said Tamaskar. “The mindset of our customers has also changed as they see the different possibilities. Previously they would wait to create solutions and try them on, that would take a year or 18 months. At that rate, it may work or it may not work.”

Kandy enables the same customers to develop and test new solutions every few weeks and quickly make changes to get offerings to market quickly. Genband has seen customers using the core capabilities of Kandy in an innovative way, combining them with applications that meet their specific needs as well as those of their own clients, in a number of niche vertical markets. WebRTC has certainly been a part of that innovation, but not as a standalone technology.

“We see WebRTC as a tool at the end of the day,” said Tamaskar. She added that her customers are leveraging it along with capabilities like screen sharing, co-browsing and rich messaging to create customer and unique solutions with a broad range of functionality. “I think that’s where the beauty of platform-as-a-service comes in, because it really obscures the source of the capabilities.”

GENBAND is now focused on reaching out to the developer community, and has participated in a number of “hackathons,” including an internal event at the beginning of June. Tamaskar said the company generally derives 10 to 15 unique experiences and apps from each event, which ultimately builds confidence and innovation among their customer base.

The company also has a KandyMobile, a tour bus retrofitted with the Kandy platform that is designed to take Kandy on the road to demonstrate its capabilities for potential customers. Tamaskar said the KandyMobile is booked for the next few months, a testament to the growing popularity and benefits of Kandy and PaaS in the communications realm.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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