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Are You Ready for WebRTC in Your Contact Center?

June 29, 2015

In the world of real-time communications, we’ve grown a little impatient. Waiting for anything seems excruciating, unless we have our smartphone on hand to keep us entertained. But even then, we have little time for slow service. It’s one of the reasons why contact centers have implemented a new approach to multi-channel communication. If you’re taking submissions via social media – you better have someone monitoring the channel so they can send an instant response.

In doing so, it would seem the customer service department has met the expectation for real-time communications and can put the matter to rest. Not so fast. If we’ve learned one thing over the last decade it’s that consumers pay attention to technology advancements and adjust their expectations accordingly. Connecting via social media is great, but it’s really just the beginning of what we want as consumers.

Why not provide a button on your website that allows consumers to instantly connect? And I’m not referring to the instant chat button. I’m referring to a button that would launch an app that instantly connects the consumer with a customer service rep via video. It’s the customer service window of the 21st century and it has a wide array of possibilities. But first, you need the right technology and the user needs to download the plug-in, right? With the adoption of WebRTC, such steps are no longer needed.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg for what you can do with WebRTC in the customer service environment. A recent Forbes piece by H.O. Maycotte explored the possibilities, especially where data gathering in real-time is concerned. This is about more than just real-time communications; it’s about leveraging information that customers are offering up in spades and using it to improve offerings, customize experiences and set your company apart from those who have yet to make the investment.

His recommendations to make the most of the real-time communications available through WebRTC include collecting and considering real-time customer data in context; looking for context beyond the customer; providing mobile and social the central roles they need to satisfy the demand of the consumer base; acting fast; and anticipating the customer’s next move. The good thing is that real-time communications make all of these things possible.

Taking it to this level requires strategy and intentional activities, however. You can’t just launch a WebRTC initiative and expect it to meet the needs of your organization or your consumer base. Take a step back and evaluate where the technology can deliver the most value and plan to implement accordingly. At the same time, monitor, measure, adjust and do it all again. It’s an evolving technology, but one that can deliver value today.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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